Dr Brian Reagan Plastic Surgeon Net Worth :: RHOC Kelly Dodd MD Boyfriend
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So the fourteenth season of ‘The Real Housewives of the Orange County’ has hit the television screens. The first episode was broadcast on the 6th of August 2019 and more are to come. That’s good news for the show’s fans.

And if you are a fan of the show, then we assume that you are familiar with the name Kelly Dodd. After all, she has been the part of the show since the 11th season. And she is also returning in the latest season of the show.

Although the show’s name is ‘Real Housewives’, many of the people are single, divorced, widowed or dating. So don’t just go with the misnomer. Anyways, Kelly Dodd also belongs to a similar category.

If you are a regular audience of the show, then you must know that Kelly divorced her husband Michael a few seasons. That seems fair because the relationship was not so good between them.

Since then she has been dating here and there. However, her most relation has been discovered with Dr Brian Reagan. He’s the one we will be focusing here.

Short Intro

Well, you can see the title Dr before his name. So you might have guessed he is a doctor.

However, he is not a doctor in philosophy. Rather, he happens to be a popular plastic surgeon. And again, don’t confuse him with the comedian Brian Reagan. Those two are totally different people.

Although there is non-Wikipedia that links us with him, there is information on him out there. Here is some we have been able to gather from a number of sources.

So, you know that he is one of the most popular plastic surgeons in California. He performs his jobs in hospitals like Scripps La Jolla Hospitals and Sharp Memorial Hospitals.

Now, let’s have a talk on his degree. It happens to be that he received his medical degree from Well Cornell Medical College under Cornell University.

It seems like Brian has been active in the medical field for more than 20 years. And in addition to being a professional, he is also involved in a number of societies and communities related to plastic surgery. Well, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, California Society of Plastic Surgeons and San Diego Plastic Surgery Society are some to name.

And if you doubt on his quality of work, then here is something for you. Brin has been awarded a number of awards like Best Plastic Surgeons in San Diego, Health Hero and a couple more. That might have made clear to you that he is good at what he does.

Dr Brian Reagan Net Worth


Well, there is no doubt to the fact that he earns a handsome sum of money, regarding he is one of the most popular plastic surgeons. However, there is no information available about his worth at the present time. Maybe we will have some information in the near future and we could update you about it.

RHOC Kelly Dodd MD Boyfriend

We guess you already know that Brian Reagan is the boyfriend of the famous television personality, Kelly Dodd from the ‘RHOC’. That’s because we have already talked about it.

According to the information available on a source, the two have been dating since early 2019. That’s not a very long time.

And again, the relationship between them is not a stable one. There are ups and downs. And recently, there is news that the two have broken up.