Dr Alex Hildred Wikipedia: Everything You Need To Know

Dr Alex Hildred Wikipedia: Everything You Need To Know

Dr. Alex Hildred isn’t available on Wikipedia despite being known as the head of Research and Curator of Ordnance and Human Remains at the Mary Rose Trust. 

Dr. ALex Hildred is a United Kingdom-based archeologist.

He is the head of research and curator of ordnance and human remains at the Mary Rose Trust.

She was part of the team who excavated Henry VIII’s warship forty years ago.

Alex was also a scuba diver apart from being an archeologist.

Dr. Alex Hildred Age And Wikipedia 

Dr. Alex Hildred’s age seems to be 55-65 years old.

She celebrates her birthday on July 12 every year. Further, she joined the Mary Rose Trust as a graduate archeologist in 1979 after it was formed with H.R.H. Prince Charles as president. 

After joining the project, she then went on to become the archeological supervisor during 1979-1982 excavations which culminated in recovering the stem in 2005.

Alex produced one of the five volumes comprising the archaeology of the Mary Rose after her research on the weapons of the ship.

After her research, she then worked with the Royal Armouries manufacturing and firing full-scale copies of guns recovered. 

She has also taught both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels within the Nautical Archaeological Society training scheme.

Further, Hildred directed multi-season projects in Malta and Holland which enabled her to gain extensive experience working on the underwater sites

She was able to become the Chairman of the Institute of Field Archaeologists Maritime Affairs Group and a member of the Government Advisory Committee on Historic Wreck Sites.

She was also nominated for the Cattewater and Roosvijk historic wreck sites.

Dr Alex Hildred Husband And Family

Dr Alex Hildred is happily married to her husband Nigel Boston of Sea Boston Ltd.

In her family, she has her husband Nigel and 4 children.

Dr Alex Hildred Net Worth

Dr ALex Hildred is yet to publicize her net worth to the public as of now.

However, her major source of income is through her work as an archeologist.

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