Does Margaret Qualley Have A Daughter? Facts Revealed.

Does Margaret Qualley Have A Daughter? Facts Revealed.

Margaret Qualley is an actress from America who does not have a daughter. Keep on reading till the end and know more about Margaret. 

She is the daughter of actresses Andie MacDowell and Paul Qualley, and she trained as a ballerina as a child before briefly pursuing a modelling career.

Margaret Qualley made her acting debut in the 2013 drama film Palo Alto, playing a troubled teenager, and star in the HBO television series The Leftovers (2014–2017).

Does Margaret Qualley Have A Daughter? Details Explored

Margaret Qualley does not have any children till now. 

Qualley, 26, is currently starring in the Netflix miniseries Maid.

Maid is based on Stephanie Land’s memoir of the same name, which tells the narrative of a young single mother’s struggle to raise her kid while struggling financially and dependent on government assistance to get by.

Margaret plays Alex, a poor single mother, while MacDowell portrays Paula, a social butterfly and artist who overlook Alex’s problems.

Margaret Qualley Family Details

Talking about Margaret Qualley’s family, Andie MacDowell, an actress, and model is her mother, and Paul Qualley, a model, musician, contractor, and rancher, is her father.

Justin is her older brother, and Raineyis her older sister.

When Margaret was four, the Qualley siblings grew up on a ranch in Missoula, Montana, before relocating to Asheville, North Carolina.

Margaret Qualley’s parents got divorced when she was five years old, and she shared her time between them after that.

Her parents lived just 3 miles apart for many years. She and MacDowell’s family home is in North Carolina, where they have extended family.

Margaret Qualley Wiki Details Explored

Margaret Qualley is featured on Wikipedia’s official domain. 

Margaret Qualley, then 16 years old, made her debut as a debutant at a ball in Paris in 2011.

The past two years have been Qualley’s coming-out party in Hollywood.

Qualley has been in blockbusters, been nominated for Emmys and SAG awards, and collaborated with filmmakers such as Quentin Tarantino, Spike Jonze, Sofia Coppola, and Olivia Wilde since her debut in the indie film Palo Alto in 2013.

Now Margaret’s new Netflix drama Maid is a beautiful melodrama that requires guts. Still, the new Netflix series Maid is also an event because it brings together the superstar of the 1990s, Andie McDowell, and her daughter.

As of November 2019, Margaret Qualley lives in New York. Qualley resided in Los Angeles with her sister Rainey, with whom she shares a dog named Books. Qualley has described her sister as her idol, her best friend in the whole world.

Margaret Qualley Net Worth Revealed

Margaret Qualley has a net worth of $3 million.

Margaret Qualley is an American actor and dancer. Margaret Qualley was born in the Montana town of Kalispell in October of 1994.

Andie MacDowell is her mother, and she is a trained ballerina. From 2014 through 2017, Margaret Qualley played Jill Garvey on the television series The Leftovers.