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The pretty and sensuous, Diane Macedo is a well-known Anchor of the American television. She is a news anchor in WCBS-TV based in New York City. The hot and vibrant television personality is a highly acknowledged and acclaimed anchor of her times. She has the dazzling persona and the captivating screen presence. Her on-screen charisma flawlessly dazzles most of the television audience. If it is not the news, she delivers its herself on the screen that rules the chart whenever she is present on the television. Apart from her television presence, she is also remembered as a female lead singer for her band named Tribeca Rhythm.


She put her step in this world in February 28, 1982 in Mineola, New York of the United State of America. She was born to the immigrant couple from Portugal. Being born in a family of immigrant, emigrated from Minho, a suburb region of Portugal, she had to work her ways in America to take her through the dreams she had for herself. From her early days, the confident and dedicated Macedo kept chasing her dreams. Her clear view of the surroundings and her passion towards the nature and the climatic changes persuaded her to take over weather science and meteorology as her studying subject. She went to Boston College where she majored in political science and communication. She also had the membership of Capella group, which in fact is a co-ed. After the completion of her graduation from the same college, she had a clear perspective of attaining a job. Her career boosted into initiations when she started as a journalist. She represented Fox News Radio as a booker. The career was in the verge of a start after being linked with the Fox News. She was quickly promoted by the station where her responsibility included editing and reporting. Then eventually the start paid off ass she also got herself busy in on- air broadcasting of the weather phenomena. Her responsibility varied from weather reporting to news anchoring. She is a multi talented diva so anything the station threw upon she was divinely appreciative to deliver her perfection. A regular of the panel for the Fox News series Red Eye which she co-hosts with Greg Gutfled.


The hot and ambitious dame with a cute face and dazzling smile she has the physique to die for and her presentation skills outgrows in every series of action she depicts. She is a dazzler in every concept. Her fascinating fashion statements and style of her own has a signature portrayal in the industry. She has the quality to give her outgoing and out spoken charisma to the audience with simplicity and arrogance at the same time. Her sense of humor and her technical improvisation creates a different kind of buzz maintaining her super spirited reputation.


Apart from her co-ordination with the small screen, she is also related with music scenario. Her band performances and being featured with cover band as the Good Lifer transcends her career in two different genres with high admiration and praise. She also contributed her time as Mezzo-soprano alongside Paradise Alley. The weekend morning anchor for the station WCBS-TV has a passion in music and a lead singer in profession she out rules the television world of the America with her multi dimensional talents. She is also literate in different languages among which Spanish and Portuguese are the two languages she speaks fluently. Her diverse character and talent and her charming and influential persona captivates all the audience of the States. She has a busy career and her business in whether it be news anchoring or collaborating her singing skills as a lead singer through her band, she has the likes of a highly paid salary and the initials predicts her net worth to be glorifying.


Diane Macedo is married to Thomas Morgan. She tied up the knot with her husband in 1982. The early notification about the couple being engaged dropped in the media but apart from it, the private life of her family is kept a secret. She does not consider giving away the information relating her family to the media. The speculative analysis of the couple getting a divorce ids all fake and has no reality to it. Her family life is going sound and happy and the couple enjoys the fre3e time whenever got a chance. The bio of the gorgeous news anchor is not published in the Wikipedia but she stays connected to the media and fan followings through her social sites like the Facebook and Twitter. Just turned 32 her age is not a factor for the young diva to outgrow herself.