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Dexter Roberts is a talented American singer and came to the limelight after being selected as the finalist of the show American Idol in 2014. He is now one of the praiseworthy contestants of another music show The Voice Season 16. He left all the celebrity judges out of words with his soulful voice and set his image in heart of the viewers.

Dexter’s Early Life, Parents and Education

Dexter, a country singer was born on 1991, July 12 in Fayette, Alabama. He has currently kept all the information about his family and education hidden. His fans and followers are unknown about Dexter’s parents and from where did he really attained his education.

However, he has opened up in some of his interviews about his young life. He says, he stole the spotlight of school shows when he was of age 16.

Professional career of Dexter and Social Media Updates


Dexter by profession is a singer, songwriter and a performer. He claims himself as a self-taught musician and he dropped his first album “Dream about Me” in March 2015. Also in 2017, he bounced back with five track unplugged which is available in iTunes and Sportify.

He was the former finalist of the show American idol but in between the show, he had to leave because he got bitten by tick in his haunting to Rocky Mountains and caught a severe fever.

Talented 27-year-old Dexter is back with his beautiful voice in another well-known show The Voice 2019. He got all 4-chair turn on the show by all the judges. He sang “Like a Cowboy” in his first audition and made a significant image among all the judges.

Dexter has huge fan following in Instagram page with twenty five thousand followers and fifty thousand followers in Facebook page.

Who is the special girl on Dexter’s Instagram page?  Is he seeing someone lately?

Dexter in early days kept posting about a girl named Abby Drummond who went through a brain surgery couple of years ago. Though it cannot be assured that he is in relationship with Drummond as no any source has mentioned about it in detail.

However, he has made lot of fans during his musical journey and people are crazy over his voice.

Dexter’s Body Structure,Height & Ethnicity

Dexter is a chubby young man with sky blue eyes. He has such a humble personality and seems very sweet in person. Some says that he resemble the host of the “Late Late Show” James Corden because of his chubby and cheerful personality.

Dexter is of average height. He is an American citizenship holder with white ethical background.

His hobbies include travelling places and majorly going haunting.

How much is Dexter Roberts’s Net Worth?

It is not yet disclosed how much the rising singer Dexter Roberts earns. He might have earn significant money from the albums he dropped in past.

Judges of the show are really impressed by the Dexter, and with his dedication in the show he is likely to win the title of the show and certainly get gigs in future to sing and make earnings.