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Desiree Montoya 14 age, is a well known name in the social media world and I am sure you too have heard her name if you have ever used ‘Instagram’ or ‘TikTok’.

And currently she rapidly gaining popularity on the famous platform ‘TikTok’ with her lip sync videos.

The young star is in the verge of being a celebrity through social media sites as she has already made a huge fan base of over 600,000 followers.

Desiree Montoya Age, Birthday & Ethnicity

The 14  years old internet sensation, Desiree Montoya birthday is on 23rd February, 2005 in Texas. She grew up in Texas along with her two brothers.

Although her parents are very supportive of her there isn’t much info on her parents available on internet and social media sites.

Desiree is a young person and still in her schooling years. However, there isn’t any insight on which institute she is attending.

Desiree Montoya Boyfriend- Baby Diego

The young social media sensation is currently in a relation with a famed you tuber Baby Diego.  Desiree and her boyfriend have their joint you tube channel which they named as ‘Diego & Desi’.

The couple seems to have a deep understanding and love for each other. Even though they only have 1 video in their channel, they have successfully accumulated over 75 thousand subscribers. Their channel isn’t that much old as they made it recently in 2018. But they are gaining followers day by day.


Desiree Montoya Height- 5 feet 1 inch (1.53 meters)

The stunning beauty has the height of 5 feet 1 inch (1.53 meters). Desiree is the definition of absolute beauty as her young age and natural beauty expresses it all. She has a considerable body weight of 47kgs perfectly suiting her body height.

Even though she is quite young she is quite health conscious and prefers balanced diet food over junk food. She always does yoga to maintain her health. Due to her extra care for her health she has a natural glow. And her dark brown hair accompanied by her brown eyes adds cheery to the pie.

Desiree Montoya Rise to Fame

Even though Desiree is quite young, she is a popular personality over social media sites. Being born in this modern age, Montoya was exposed to the technology from a very young age. And the famous social media ‘TikTok’ formally known as ‘Musically’ provided her the platform to rise to fame.

She gained quite a bit of fame after her lip sync videos in the platform ‘TikTok’. Desiree successfully amassed over 500,000 followers over a short period of time. She also used to post pictures and videos of her day to day life in her page.

Now, she is a star who has followers over 600,000 and still rising. She also made quite a buzz in the social media after her disclosure about being in a relation with the famed you tuber Baby Diego. She also owns a joint you tube channel with her boyfriend with over 75 thousand subscribers.

What is Desiree Montoya Wiki & Net worth?

The young rising celeb’s current net worth hasn’t been published yet. However, looking at the pace of her career, her net worth will surely be counted in millions.