Dereknlmb Real Name And Age: Everything To Know About

Dereknlmb Real Name  And Age: Everything To Know About

Dereknlmb has clogged the gateway to his real name: the peculiar traits of most of the Twitch stars. 

Dereknlmb is a Twitch who streams GTA V. 

He is a legend when it comes to playing GTA online. Every GTA fan mostly loves his content.

Derek’s character in GTA is unpredictable, and he plays both good and bad characters. Besides that, it is fun to listen to his game commentary.

Derek has not given a single clue to his household details. His fans on Twitch have asked several times for his bio. But it seems Dereknlmb is not in the mood of revealing his identity.

So why has Derek hidden his identity? Let us all discuss it in detail.

Name Dereknlmb
Age 20-30
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Twitch Star
Twitter @dereknImb

Dereknlmb Real Name

The real name of Derek will be revealed shortly.

For now, his name remains a mystery. He has not disclosed his name, which is one of the typical characters of Twitch streamers.

We assume his first name is Derek, but the last four letters do not make any sense. We are eagerly waiting for his real name.

Dereknlmb Age And Height- How Old Is He?

Derek appears to be aged between 20-30 years old.

We could not retrieve any images of his. We went through his Twitch videos and listened to his voice.

His voice resembles that he belongs to his early 20s. Likewise, most of the GTA player falls in the above-mentioned age group.

As there are no images of Derek, it was hard for us to conclude his height. He has not revealed his face till now. We assume Derek to be a grown man.

Insight On Dereknlmb Net Worth

Derek’s actual net worth is not revealed.

As per quora, it takes around $5 on Twitch to subscribe to someone. Derek has 247000 subscribers on his channel. You can imagine how much money Derek is making via his Twitch Channel.