Derek Fisher

Derek Fisher is a Professional and highly decorated Basketball player for Oklahoma City Thunder. Derek was born in Little Rock, Arkansas on August 9, 1974. His physique tells it all having height of 6 feet 1 in and weight of 95 kilo he is one of the best point guard in NBA history. Before playing Oklahoma City Thunder fisher used to play for big clubs like Los Angeles Lakers for almost more than 10 years. After that he was trade to Utah Jazz and then to Oklahoma City Thunder. Playing almost 224 career games over sixteen seasons he holds the all-time NBA record of playing most games.No wonder this amazing player has a net worth of almost 40 million dollars in his name as he is 39 years old and still there is no sign of stopping.Playing a lengthy career as it is Fisher not only accumulated his wealth but managed to win 5 NBA championships.


She was born to normal family on little Rock, Arkansas. His mother used to work in bank and his father was an ex-military man. Fisher respects his parents very much as he thinks his parents especially his father is sole reason for his success in Basketball as his father pushed Fisher to play basketball from young age. Fisher graduated from high school in 1992 despite being very good in basketball, he was not approached by any major collegiate program. So, Fisher attended university of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) on full scholarship. After that there was no stopping in this great athlete career.


Taking about his personal life, Derek Fisher was married to Candace Patton on February 19, 2005. A year later his wife gave birth to twins Drew and Tatum. The family also includes Candace’s son Marshall and Derek’s daughter Chloe which were from their previous relationships.There was a tragic in the family as their daughter Tatum was diagnose with “Retinoblastoma- Cancer of the Retina” when she was just 10 months old.


She has become one of the most respected athletes of his generation due to his skills as a basketball player, his leadership qualities on National Basketball Players Association and his loyalty towards his family. These qualities probably made Fisher so much successful. His full bio on wiki indicates that Derek fisher is one of the most highly regarded players in the game. His full stats during his career prove that he is one of the most decorated athletes in NBA history.