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Dennis Lorenzo
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Dennis Lorenzo is an American contestant who auditioned for the ABC’s reality show “American Idol”. Dennis Lorenzo euphoric performance on the song” “Unaware” by Allen Stone left the judges speechless and also earned him a huge appraisal.

Quick Info:

  • Birthday: N/A
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: African-American
  • Profession: Singer and Songwriter

Family and Personal Life:

Dennis Lorenzo married his longtime girlfriend and the couple has a beautiful daughter named Alia. He met his soulmate in Los Angeles and the two of them have never been apart since then. Together, the family of three are enjoying their life joyfully.

The 26-year-old pop singer was born and raised up in West Philly, Philadelphia. His early years of life were difficult and tough as he had to grow up without a dad. As mentioned by him, he had to juggle all the way through his early life and it was until his grandparents bought him a guitar at the age of 16. This eventually became the turning point in his life and he has been playing guitar and singing songs ever since. 

Quick Info:

  • Parents: N/A
  • Wife: N/A
  • Children: Alia Lorenzo
  • Marital Status: Married

The gritty 26-year-old later moved to LA with a dream of achieving big. Although he had to go through a lot of hardships and setbacks, after getting a job, his life completely changed for the good. He fell in love and is gladly blessed to have an amazing wife and a beautiful baby girl in his life.

In his 2017 Instagram post, he quotes “I am addicted to and OBSESSED with becoming Supremely Successful!!! MY DAUGHTERS DESERVE IT, THE WORLD DESERVES IT, AND I DESERVE IT!!! I deserve to be able to help those in my life and EVEN those who are not!”. Without a doubt, the man is beautiful inside and out.

Body Measurements and Lifestyle;

Dennis Lorenzo has a slender body. His body measurement looks presentable and fine.

Dennis is not freakishly tall but stands at an average height. He has curly short hair, full lips, and wide nose. He has an average weight and is neat in his appearance. His cute smile, adorable face and his stunning performance definitely have lit up the hearts of ladies. Despite having a difficult life, the father of one, at the age of 26, showers positive vibes and inspire people wherever he goes.

Quick Info:

  • Height: N/A
  • Weight: N/A
  • Body Measurements: N/A
  • Plastic Surgery: N/A

Professional Career:

Dennis Lorenzo early career began with singing and composing pop songs. Later, the soulful singer appeared In the audition singing a song by Allen Stone which earned him millions of fans within a day. 

He earned the golden ticket and made it through the next round. On the Hollywood week, he performed a soulful rendition of Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud”. The epic performance was viewed and positively evaluated by thousands of crowds.

He has already released a five-track EP called Dennis Lorenzo Unplugged and his song “Fly or Die” from the album has gained much popularity and hits since 2017. No wonder, a homeless kid with a broken guitar is slowly and gradually making himself distinguished in his musical journey of American Idol.

Salary and Net Worth 2018:

Dennis Lorenzo salary and net worth are still under review. The singer, however, has already placed himself as an efficient artist in the American Idol show which has added fame and already a little amount to his pocket.

His marvelous performances have earned him prodigious admiration from the crowds. His breathtaking voice has earned him huge followers on Instagram and Facebook as well. His songs on youtube are also viewed worldwide. With this gaining momentum, he shall definitely add good wealth in his pocket in the coming years.

Quick Info:

  • Salary: N/A
  • Net Worth: N/A