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Dejan Stipic
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Dejan Stipic is a serbian fitness expert and a highly motivating youtuber. He keeps posting videos about gym trainings inspiring the thousands of his subscribers.

Moreover, he seems to embrace his online life more even though he travels a lot. Here are the 10 interesting facts about this youtube sensation. Do check out if you are one of his followers. 

Name Dejan Stipic
Birthday January 4, 1993
Age 27 years
Gender Male
Nationality Serbian
Ethnicity Serbian
Profession Fitness Expert – Youtube Personality
Instagram @iamstipke
Youtube Stipke
Facebook @iamstipke

10 Facts on Dejan Stipke

  1. Dejan Stipic (born on January 4, 1993) is a fitness expert, youtuber and internet personality. He is of Serbian nationality.
  2. Stipic is yet to reveal his body measurements. However, his height is estimated to be around 1.8 meters. Similarly, his weight may be around 220 lbs. 
  3. As of today, the youtuber is 27 years old. And No, he doesn’t possess a wikipedia biography. 
  4. However, he has excellent social media presence. He has been winning hearts of the people ever since he started his youtube channel. 
  5. At present, his youtube channel “Stipke” consists of more than 155k subscribers. He started his channel back in 2015. 
  6. It is not a wonder that Stipic loves instagram. His instagram account comprises of more than 265k followers. But he isn’t that active in other social media. 
  7. Moreover, the serbian’s net worth is still under review. Given his subscribers and followers and his other income sources, we can guess that his total worth may be hovering around $500k. 
  8. Stipic doesn’t share his dating status. I don’t know if my guess turns out to be lucky, but I assume he is single. He first started his gymnastic career with the street workout. He started performing street workout in 2012. 
  9. Furthermore, He has also won events and championships back in Serbia. He was crowned Serbian National champion in gymnastics. 
  10. The fitness expert was raised in Germany. He dreams of inspiring the world through his motivational videos. Also, the youtuber really loves travelling and sports.