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Deirdre Bolton is an experienced and a popular American television correspondent, news anchor and reporter, who is currently affiliated with Bloomberg Television Network. Deidre Bolton was born in New York in 1964. However, she stayed in Bucks county PA during her childhood. In her early childhood she had shown a great interest in learning and was best at learning language.


She joined the University of Iowa for her higher study where she completed her literature degree in French and English. She is also a master degree holder regarding French literature from New York University. Bolton is a hard-working and highly motivated woman from the very beginning of her life.


She worked in two International banks at the beginning of her career. During her early banking career, she was assigned to institutional equity sales. And she got involved in selling European equities for US portfolio managers. From there, she got a great deal of experience about different forms of share markets. And later it helped her to be a financial reporter and a significant part of Bloomberg Television. She started to cover financial report for Bloomberg Television In 1999 as a business reporter. Currently she is the host of ‘Money moves’ show which primarily talks about economic activities like venture capital, equity, and real estate business and other economic activities. She also has presented spot reports from the NASDAQ (American stock market) and New York stock exchange building. She has also acted as the representative for Bloomberg news by working in various branch offices at New York, St. Louis, Chicago, Salt Lake, Raleigh, San Antonia and Pittsburgh. During the crisis period of 2007 and 2008, she served very vigorously for the CBS Network. Indeed quite often she appears in ‘News Now’ show on ABC Network.  Bolton has contributed for The Early Show which was broadcasted from CBS network likewise she frequently appeared in the program Saturday and News Now. She is also very well known for her interviews with Wall Street personalities, government officers, political figures and sports celebrities


Bolton is one of those personalities who don’t want to disclose their personal life in public, unlike other celebrities. Personal information on her past like boyfriends and affairs are not revealed and still unknown. However, Deirdre Bolton’s marital status is married. She is a married woman and has two children. Since, she is private type of person and does want other people to interfere in her life, other details regarding her husband and sons are not revealed and are still unknown. The couple is living a blissful life and they both love each other very much and Deirdre Bolton has not gone through divorce yet. It seems like Bolton is a happy from her work and life, so it’s not appropriate to say something about her personal life. But, it is said that she and her family are currently residing in the Upper West Side.


Although her age is forty nine but she still looks young and beautiful and has dazzling personality. Despite her age, she is very pretty and charming news reporter as well as has a very photogenic face.  Her body is so well maintained and attractive and has got a well proportioned figure along with her long. Her stunning legs and feet add plus points to her beauty. It is difficult to conceive about her age just at first glimpse. She has a good sense of humor and presents herself very friendly in camera. Bolton dresses well. Her dress is often in vogue exposing her shiny legs and feet. In fact, most of her fans get surprise when they know about her age as she looks young even at her late forties.


The 49 years old is a high profile television journalist and it’s great to see her on the television screen even today. Bolton has a huge fan following. She interacts with her fan in several social networking sites on a regular basis through Facebook, Twitter. We can obtain some of her information regarding her life and work from those social networking sites as well.