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Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer Age (Doja Cat Mother & Brother) Artist Painter
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Amala Zandile Dlamini aka Doja Cat is a famous rapper. She is also a songwriter and producer. In this article, we will talk about her mother rather than Doja Cat. Her mother’s name is Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer.

Additionally, there are enough details about her father, Dumisani Dlamini. But, it is very difficult to find her mother’s details. Somehow, we have managed to gather some of Deborah’s details.

So, let’s get going guys. Keep reading to know more about her.

Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer Age

Sorry to disappoint you but, Deborah’s age is not available on the internet. Her birthdate isn’t available on any of the media outlets so, it is difficult to track her age.

And, we can provide you details which are only available on the internet. We don’t want to upset you by giving false details. So, let’s not assume her age.

Deborah Sawyer –Doja Cat’s mother

Deborah Sawyer is known as Doja Cat’s mother in the showbiz. She herself isn’t a media personality. And, it seems like Doja’s mother prefers to stay low profile. She hasn’t revealed any of her personal details until now.

Doja Cat has a dedicated wiki page. She is successful in her musical career. Deborah must be a proud mom. Deborah is of Jewish-American ethnicity.

Furthermore, Doja Cat’s mother is a painter by profession. She is an art lover. Deborah gave birth to her rapper daughter with Dumisani Dlamini. In case you don’t know Dumisani is a 55 years old African actor. He is famous, so Sawyer is also known as the wife of Dumisani.

Additionally, Doja Cat’s mother also has another daughter. Currently, Doja Cat’s parents don’t live together. They divorced each other a long time ago.

Doja Cat Brother

The R&B singer, Doja Cat also has a brother. But, details about her brother isn’t available on the media outlets. It is unclear if he is the son of Doja Cat’s mother, Deborah or not.

Furthermore, her brother first inspired her to write raps and songs. He was the first person who listened to Doja’s self-written rap. Later, he motivated her to pursue her career in rapping.

Deborah-Painter & Artist

Very few people know about Deborah’s profession. Deborah is a professional painter. Doja Cat’s grandmother was also an artist. But, Deborah is not famous as a painter. However, she has a webpage On this page, her paintings are available. If you are interested, you can view her painting here.

Over the years, she painted many paintings.  Mostly, she painted environment-related paintings. She loves to experiment with colors. She can work in various mediums. Initially, she showed her painting skills as metals and plastic casting.

Later, she painted using oil, wax, gouache, etc. She travels to different places and then paints her experience. Hopefully, she will get stardom as a painter in the coming days.

As per IMDB, Deborah appeared in Friends Don’t Let Friends Date. Also, she played a role in Martyrs- The Chronicles of Blood. She is an actress too. But, she hasn’t appeared in movies or series lately. Currently, she is focused to be a painter.