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David Nehdar, Lacey Chabert Husband: Movies Net Worth and Married Pics
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David Nehdar is a successful American businessman who is well-perceived as Lacey Chabert’s husband. Moreover, there is barely anything revealed in the media about his professional career as he has a low-fame personal and professional life, make a rare public appearance, unlike like renowned actress wife who has a gigantic fan following and is a public figure.

He got married to the gorgeous Lacey Chabert on 22 December 2013, however, the news of their marriage was disclosed only after a couple of months. Their marriage was kept secret despite the involvement of well-known personalities.

While David is completely a low-key person with his famous wife Lacey also managed to hide the news of her wedding from the media and public. Lacey only came openly about her husband after several months of their wedding though she disclosed the news that she got married through her Twitter by posting ceremony’s snap, hiding her husband’ face and name.

Now they are married for almost six years and despite this long period of their marital life, there has never been heard any rumors about their extramarital affairs, divorce, or any other controversies regarding the complications in their bond. It might be because of their intense chemistry and understanding of each other’s opinion and profession.

Been friends for long-time prior marriage and dated for some years before marrying, the decision they made to marry each other was completely matured that’s why they are able to cherish their relationship despite belonging to two utterly different professions.

Lacey has been blessed with all the joy of her marital life, following, the arrival of her first child, daughter Julia Mimi Bella Nehdar, born on 1 September 2016. Their daughter is very sweet, adorable, and gorgeous as her mama. Lacey takes as many photos and videos of her lovely daughter and shares with her social media followers who have fallen in love with mini Lacey.

We just wish the family to keep the love and kindness alive like they have been doing since years and stay as a power couple.

David Nehdar Movies

David Nehdar is professionally a businessman while his wife Lacey Chabert is an actress who has appeared and lent her voice in various well-received movies. She rose into fame for her breakthrough role in the TV drama “Party of Five” as Claudia Salinger.

Lacey has lent her voice for Meg Griffin in the animated series “Family Guy” as well as for DC Comics’ character Zatanna Zatara in several productions of the company. Moreover, she has also played notable roles in 17 Hallmark Channel films and expressed her love for playing Hallmark productions.

David Nehdar Net Worth –$6 Million Dollars

David Nehdar’s net worth is estimated at $6 million which he generated through his business ventures. He gained a hefty amount of fortunes which is enough to relish him and his family a comfortable lifestyle and fulfill their exclusive penchants.

David Nehdar Married Pics

David Nehdar has maintained low-profile, separating himself from every social media, hence, he hasn’t posted any married pics of his wedding with Lacey Chabert. However, we can find some rare pictures of their wedding on Google.