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David Karp is very interesting and talented entrepreneur and web developer of America. He was born on 6th July 1986 in New York City, USA. His father Michael D. Karp is composer in film and TV series and his mother Barbara Ackerman is a school teacher. He has completed his schooling from Calhoun School. While he was at the age of 11 he went to study HTML programming. After completing his schooling he went to Bronx Science College to complete his high schooling but it never happened because he was interested in doing his own business. While he was in his high schooling time he uses to design different website for the local area in his city. But when his parent came to know about it they started him for home schooling but also he wasn’t interested in completing his high schooling. So he didn’t complete his education.

At age of 17 his parent got divorce because of some personal dispute in his family. Because of this he has to suffer from different kinds of problem in his early age. But as time went on he became to get busy in his work and he forget his pain of separating from parents. From the age of 14 he has started his career as a web developer. At first he uses to make animation for the local business man. He went to work with Fred Seibert who is founder of Federator Studios to work as animation producer. He was very interested in computers, deigns and software. When he was in his homeschooling year he also learnt to speak Japanese. When he was learning Japanese language his teacher taught him making software of poker and Blackjack. After this he got some helpby a entrepreneur to lunch it online. Federator Studios came know that he has made it than they offered him for the job in their company. He was hired in job and given a project to complete. He completed his work very soon. Because of this he was named as Urban Baby. From this work he got his first   biggest earning of his life. But unfortunately he has to go Tokyofor some work. He stays there for five month. Because of this he was fired from the project. In 2006 Urban Baby was sold to CNET.

After that in 2006 he established his company named David Ville. It was company of software consultancy. He uses to provide different kind of service and product to his client. After some month Macro Arment was hired in his company as engineer. David was interested to tumble logs from some time but he hasn’t got time and price for it. So he waited for a year after a year when no one moved to lunch such web blogging area he started to work on it. After some month on February 2007 he lunches his new web blogging area called tumble logging Web blogging area. After two weeks of lunching the web blogging area it got 75000 users. He was so happy and excited to seen it. He realized that now he is earning great amount for the web blogging area he closed his company. After that work with client and work with his web blogging area he renamed his David ville to Tumblr Inc. when he renamed his old company to new he sold his 25% of share to some investor of his company. His logging platform was known as micro blogging and social networking website.

After this project he started to earn huge amount of money. From 2007 till now he is the owner, founder and creator of the Tumblr Inc. Now in 2013 his website is hosting over 139 million blogs in it. On 2013 May it said that Yahoo is going to acquire Tumblr with $1.1 billion dollar more that his website. He agreed in this project but also he will be CEO in his new work.

As talking about his personal life at age of 17 his parent got divorce because of some personal dispute in his family. After that he became a popular and richest business man under age of 30. He got married with Rachel Eakley in 2011.They haven’t got any child for now. But they are planning for it. They love each other very much and happy with each other. They are very satisfied with each other that there is no chance of having divorce between them. His net worth is around $800million dollar as of 2013. He is also known as 11th biggest rich personality under the age of 30.

He now reaches at age of 27 years but also look very hot and sexy. He has got good height of 6’ 6”. He is enjoying he personal life and professional life very much. He has got very good dressing sense. He dress up himself very stylish way. He looks very sexy in his every outfit but we find his shirtless photo in any sites related to him.

His fan and followers can find his more information in any social networks like Twitter and Face book. His biography can be obtained from Wiki and other sites related to him. He is very much popular among her fans and viewers. In internet his fans search her images and information in different sites.