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David Hefner Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Siblings  ( Hugh Hefner’s Son)
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David Hefner may not have his Wiki page, but he certainly boasts family legacy and brand that is often hard to ignore.

Son to America’s most notorious Casanova, David Hefner is the second born of Hugh Hefner, the founder & chief editor of Playboy, the globally recognized men’s magazine infamous for its female models, semi-nudes and centerfolds of nude.

With the growing demand and popularity of Playboy, Hugh became synonymous with the brand. And, his high-end lifestyle was highly publicized on the media.

Before the hype of his career and womanizer days, Hugh married his first wife, Mildred Millie Williams in 1949 and welcomed two children, daughter Christie in 1952 and later son David.

According to Hugh’s Wiki page, Mildred, who was aware of his bon-vivant lifestyle and lurking around habit, actually allowed David’s father to engage in a physical relationship with other women out of guilt of her own.

However, his parents’ divorced a decade after in 1959 and since David has mostly stayed out of the limelight and far away from the overall Playboy brand.

Here’s what you need to know about the eldest son of Hugh Hefner, David Hefner! From how he is living now to how much he inherited from father’s multi-million fortune – Just, keep scrolling!

David Hefner Age – How Old is Hugh Hefner’s Son in 2019?

Born in 1955, David Hefner ages 64 this year, but the precise date of his birth is nowhere to be found.

Chicago-native David is the second born and the eldest son of Hugh Hefner from his first marriage to Mildred William, the Northwestern University grad.

Bearing striking resemblances to his father in term of polished feature, blonde locks and athletic built, Mr. David always stayed away from Hugh high-end and Casanova life.

David Hefner Net Worth – Estimated in Millions

It’s no hidden that ladies-man Hugh Hefner was a multi-millionaire estimated to be around $43 million at the time of his death in 2017.

Survived by four children and third wife Crystal Hefner, Mr. Hugh died in his Holmby Hills mansion with a surprisingly little fortune, but how much eldest son, David Hefner inherited?

According to his will, Hugh’s fortune and other possession will be given with nearly 50% to his charitable foundation and rest be divvied evenly between his kids.

As it remains unclear how much David inherit from his father’s empire, but he himself is a man of honor, having worked as graphics specialist for independent movies as well as the owner of the computer-consulting company.

With all that being said, Mr. David Hefner’s net worth is certainly in million – whether accumulated from his father’s Playboy brand or his career in the entertainment industry.           

David Heffner Siblings

David Heffner has altogether three siblings, one older sister, and two younger half-siblings. All of David’s siblings come from his father’s two marriages, one to his mother Mildred Williams and next Kimberly Conrad.

While David isn’t the part of his father’s whole Playboy brand, his sister Christie (b.1952) and half-brothers, Cooper (b. 1991) and Marston Glenn Hefner (b. 1990) is involved in the family business, chiefly working at Playboy.

Their father, Hugh Hefner peacefully passed away in his Playboy Mansion on 27th September 2017, surrounded by his loved ones and family members.