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10 Things You Didn’t Know About CNN David Culver
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If you are the type of person who stays updated with the current events, you might have a clue about who David Culver is.

After all, he is an American journalist. And, he works as an international correspondent for CNN. He covers major news stories from China and the Asia-Pacific region.

In the same way, before he started working for CNN, he used to work at NBC Washington. Likewise, he left NBC Washington in the year 2019.

David Culver is an award-winning correspondent for CNN

David Culver is an award-winning international correspondent for CNN. Now, that is something you guys might have no idea about.

He had produced a 30-minute Emmy award-winning documentary. And, it was entitled Rediscovering Cuba: A Journey Home.

David Culver is not Gay Unlike the Rumors

Well, talking about David’s sexuality, he is not gay. However, there seems to be very limited info regarding these rumors.

But, he has covered news related to the rights of the LGBT community earlier. And, it was about gay marriage to begin in Virginia.

David Culver’s Age facts are Unknown

As of now, David Culver has not revealed his age. Maybe he does not want everyone to know just how old he is.

However, he might be in his early-30s. But, this is just a wild guess.

He has an American Nationality

David Culver was born and brought up in Fairfax County. Hence, he is American when it comes to nationality. And, at present, he lives in Arlington.

In the same way, most of his family reside over Virginia till now. So, David must have a soft spot for this place.

However, he is a native of Cuba. Likewise, he went to Cuba for the first time in the year 2015. And, he had gone there with his mother and grandmother.

David Culver is yet to get Married

You guys might have guessed he is married. But, he is yet to be married. As of now, he might only be focusing on his career.

Maybe, that’s why he has never had time to think about marriage.

He worked for NBC Washington

Prior to CNN, he worked as an anchor and reporter for NBC Washington. In the same way, before he landed the job, he was an intern for NBC.

And, when it was time for him to leave NBC, his co-workers talked fondly of him.

He does not have a wife

As I already told you guys that David has not tied the knot. Hence, he does not have a wife at present.

After all, with his career at its prime, he might have a lot in his brain now, other than getting married.

He attended Gonzaga College High School

When it comes to David’s wiki, he graduated from Gonzaga College High School. Similarly, he got a degree in Hispanic Studies from William and Mary.

In this way, he has a strong educational background as well.

He is fluent in Spanish

David Culver speaks Spanish fluently. So, it goes to show that he is is not just good at his work. And, on top of that, he has learned Arabic in college too.

He has 6 thousand Instagram followers

Up until now, David has about 6 thousand followers on his Instagram account. In the same way, he has shared 340 posts as of now.

And, he mostly posts photos of his nieces and his photos from work. Moreover, David posts about his trips as well.