Is David Caves Leaving Silent Witness?

David has featured as Jack Hodgson in Silent Witness since 2016
David has featured as Jack Hodgson in Silent Witness since 2016( Source : twitter )

No, David Caves is not leaving Silent Witness. But some fans think he may depart from the show next season. 

David is one of the main stars in Silent Witness. Season 26 of the show, released on January 2 on BBC One, ended on January 31, 2023, with its 10th episode named Southbay Part 2. 

He has been with the team since 2016 and is a forensic scientist. However, the show has been going on since 1996.

The audience has loved the show since then and is fond of the storyline. 

However, Entertainment Daily said many fans were disappointed with the storyline this season.

Many complained that there were too many backstories in the middle of the episodes, which were sometimes confusing. 

Nevertheless, an interesting part of the show was that Caves managed to get too much praise and attraction from the fans as they saw his transformation in season 26.

However, in the next season, some fans are afraid that David may leave the show. 

Is David Caves Leaving Silent Witness?

No, David Caves is not leaving Silent Witness. The season kicks off with a man falling off an office block which attracted concerns about the actor.

When Nikki and her team try to find clues about the man, they get involved with the mafia, who are into human trafficking and drugs.

In addition, Jack is drawn into a challenging case that puts him against an old mentor in the last two episodes of the season. 

When talking to Hello Magazine, he shared about the romance between his character and Nikki that finally began in the final episode of the 25th series.

In the new season, viewers saw quite some romantic sense between their favorite couple. 

Nikki and Jack from Silent Witness
Nikki and Jack from Silent Witness ( Source : twitter )

The actor said the audience had waited a decade to see that happen. The two had quite a chemistry since the beginning.

They could see how Jack would sometimes flirt with her and get jealous if someone else tried to hit on her. 

Based on his interview and the show's plot, his character has much more development in the future. And there are no hints about his departure either.

Emilia Fox, who plays Nikki, has not announced leaving the show. In fact, as per Entertainment Daily, she has said that she never expected to be doing the role for 18 years. 

Likewise, Jack is likely to return in the next season. Fans can safely wait to see him in the next season. 

David Stars As Jack Hodgson in Silent Witness

The Silent Witness is more focused on the Lyell team being drawn into the criminal underworld, but this season, David's character, Jack Hodgson, seems to have gotten more attention from viewers. 

He joined the cast in 2016, and his character appeared in the first episode of season 16.

Lyell Centre hired him as a forensic scientist after the departure of Harry Cunningham. And he has been the right-hand man of Nikki Alexander for years.

This season, fans are distracted by his new beefed-up look. His physique has garnered attention from the viewers this season as they expressed their opinion on the internet. 

Fans praise David for his new look on Silent Witness
Fans praise David for his new look on Silent Witness ( Source : twitter )

One user wrote that he had been bulking up for Silent Witness, while another expressed her love for him.

Besides that, there were some action scenes that the fans call Tom Cruise moments". 

The 43-year-old looked cool and handsome, performing some action scenes with his new physique and look. It left the viewers surprised. 

Silent Witness New Season Confirmed

According to Express, BBC has confirmed that there will be a next season for the series.

A spokesperson for the BBC said that the 27th season of Silent Witness is definitely in the pipeline. 

The news is not surprising for many since the show has been ongoing for many years.

Sources mentioned that there would be another season which will again consist of 10 episodes. It may start in 2024, just like the 26th season aired in the early days of 2023. 

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