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Darrell Sheets is an American television star whose net worth is assumed at $4.5 million. Darrell Sheets is a storage hunter who is known for being one of the original cast members of the reality series “Storage Wars”.

Quick Info:

  • Birthday: May 13, 1958 (age 59 years)
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Profession: TV star

Darrell Sheets Family and Personal Life

Darrell Sheets got engaged to his girlfriend Kimberly Wuerfel in 2012 and are planning to get married soon.

He was born and raised in Covina, California with his parents and siblings. He holds an American nationality and is of white ethnicity. There is no further information about his parents or his childhood yet.

Quick Info:

  • Parents: N/A
  • Wife: N/A
  • Children: Brandon Sheets
  • Marital Status: Unmarried

Darrell Sheets, before dating his girlfriend Kimber, was married to some anonymous lady. He has two sons from his first marriage.

One of his son Brandon works with him. Brandon is often seen helping his father at auctions. However, there is no information about his divorce or separation. It is still a mystery to his fans.

Darrell Sheets Height


Darrell Sheets stands tall at the height of 5 feet 10 inches (178cm) and weighs 197 pounds.

In the year 2016, Darrell lost a good amount of weight. He used to be a big guy and then one day he decided to live a healthy life and looked forward to losing weight. He tried a balanced diet and a good amount of exercise but nothing worked for his body.

Quick Info:

  • Height: 5 feet 10 inches (178cm)
  • Weight: 89 kg (197 lbs.)

Once in an interview he talked about his weight loss and said; “My joints hurt. My body hurt. I was tired of exercise with no results. Plus, I had to get away from eating cheeseburgers and making bad choices on the set,”.

Then, he decided to try Nutrisystem and here he is today in a healthy weight. Nutrisystem helped him lose weight and become more healthy and confident. He went on 197 lbs. from 315 lbs.

Darrell is a good looking man with a muscular body. He, with his mustache and French cut beard, make him look manly and attractive. He looks fresh and enthusiastic on television and also on his real life.

Darrell also loves updating his Instagram profile and fills it with his pictures every now and then. For more information about Darrell Sheets, you can scroll his Instagram account or Wiki.

Darrell Sheets TV Show – Storage Wars

Darrell Sheets has worked as a storage locker for more than thirty years. He has spent half of his life hunting storages and has found different priceless assets.

He caught people and media attention when he started featuring in the A&E’s reality television series ‘Storage Wars’.

The series made its debut appearance in a small screen in December 2010 and slowly gained popularity and became a big hit and one of the most viewed television shows of all time. He is best known as ‘The Gambler’ on the television show.

He in his long working tenure, not only gained popularity and fame but also found some priceless assets. He spent $3600 on a locker which later, ended up with containing a huge $300000 worth collection of ‘Frank Guttierez art’.

Not only that, but he also found a letter wrote by Abraham Lincoln and some large collection of rare comic books.

This is also a million dollars asset. Once in an interview, he said that he also found four of the paintings by ‘Pablo Picasso’. These collections ultimately became the largest finding in the history of the reality show.  

Darrell Sheets Net Worth and Salary

Darrell Sheets has an estimated net worth is $4.5 million including his annual salary of $300 thousand.

The famous reality star, Darrell has been able to accumulate million dollars fortune. He has earned a handful of coinage through his work and dedication. He is one of the popular faces in the television world and has earned millions of fans all around the world.

Quick Info:

  • Net Worth: $4.5 million
  • Salary: $300k

Furthermore, information about Darrell can be found on his Twitter account or on Wiki.