Who Is Danielle Wade And How Old Is She? Mark Rypien Sued By Wife Of 18-Years Over DV

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Danielle Wade is a partner of Mark Rypien, who has recently filed a lawsuit against him for years of physical and emotional abuse. People are shocked by the detail and longevity of alleged abuse.

Let's find out more about the alleged victim and wife of Mark. 

This domestic violence case has grabbed the attention of people and media throughout the country because of its being high profile. Mark is a former NFL quarterback and has been considered among the bests of his time.

He played collegiate football for Washington State and after that, he was drafted by the Washington Redskin in 1986. Since then, he came into the limelight, and after retirement, he remained in the public attention.

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Who Is Danielle Wade? Mark Rypien Wife

Danielle Wade is the wife of the star former quarterback of the Redskins, Mark. The couple never got formerly married but Mark referred to her as a wife and she also took his last name.

However, since the conflict between them began, she has taken her maiden name. Before being involved with Danielle, he was married to Annette Rypien; with whom, he has three beautiful children.

Mark with his partner Danielle Wade.
Mark with his partner Danielle Wade.

His children are Angela Rypien, Andrew Rypien, and Ambre Rypien. His first marriage ended in 2000. As per the various reports, Danielle has been together with Mark for nearly two decades and in recent years, the trouble between them started.

Mark Rypien Wife's Age

Mark's wife Danielle is probably in her 40s or more. The accurate age of her has not been revealed as her birth date is not public. However, her partner with who she is in a legal battle is 59 years old.

He was born on October 2, 1962. They have been together for years and many internal details about their relationship were not available to the public. However, on June 30, 2019, he was taken into custody on suspicion of domestic violence.

He was charged with fourth-degree assault, but later the case was dismissed. Mark is a representative of NFL history and his name coming in such n inhumane case will certainly harm his reputation if proven guilty.

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Mark Rypien Assault Lawsuit

The case has been filed against Mark for domestic violence by his partner Danielle. As per the suit, the violence against his partner started in 2008 and continued till 2020 and was a difficult period for her.

As per The Seattle Times, both parties involved have talked to the press and Danielle's team has said that the violence might have been because of a head injury sustained by Rypien, but that does not give him a pass to assault.

Mark while he was playing in NFL.
Mark while he was playing in NFL.

Rypien's team has said that he condemns the domestic violence and his injuries have no relationship to the case. They added that the former NFL player has trust in the judiciary system.

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