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The hot and gorgeous, Danielle Banks who is better known to the world as an expert meteorologist is a public figure who was launched from TWC. Being seen on screen from The Weather Channel, she fascinated the audience through her hosting skills from The Weekend Show. She is a lovely looking blonde diva in television history that outlasts the scintillating hotness on the television screen. Her white descent and charismatic outlook might be just the few of her characteristics that prove her personality. She is widely praised for her accomplishments in weather reporting and the radio hosting. She was somebody brought up in a descent family with supportive parents to take forward her dreams. Her early childhood gave her attachments to the nature and the changing weather conditions. To keep up with her hobbies and attachments she did her graduation in media studies from Radford University. She also holds the certification of Broadcast Meteorology from the Mississippi State University in Mississippi.


The start of her impressive career did not take a quick run, as she had to constantly change her working stations from one after another. Not letting herself down the diva opted from stations to stations chasing her dreams, which did her a good favor in communicating skills and hosting. She worked as an editor and went on to host shows in radio as an RJ. She was approached by WATE-TV based in Knoxville. Working as an anchor and correspondent for the network her hosting skills quickly was matured. She then got the opportunity to work for the weather channel in 2006 as a radio broadcaster of the weather circumstances and meteorology. Linking up with the channel played a key role in perfecting her career. Her performance in reporting and broadcasting from the radio kept on getting better. She not only limited herself in radio and made her approach in the small screen from the same channel. She hosts and anchors the Weekend Live series that broadcasts from TWC. She also works as a fill in anchor for many other shows as well.


Being an American nationality holder, she seems content with the salary she is being provided with and her net worth keeps getting higher. Her impressive work in the field online, radio broadcasting and her role as an analyst was well appreciated by the viewers and listeners. An affirmation from the American audience is a hard thing to get but her stepping-stones were led and she walked comfortably through it.  Considering her approach in the media sector, she holds the post in The Weather Channel as an anchor until date.


Danielle Banks got married to her long time boyfriend whom she was dating for a very long time. Keeping the secret was a lot hard as the media spooked about her on and off relationships; she proved them wrong by getting married to the love of her life. The wedding was a shock to much of her male fan followings. Her husband is very supportive and an admirer of her work. The couple has two children as their siblings. The love of both seems incomparable as they have a combined consideration for both of their career outlooks and are in deep love with each other. They share a conformability that every other couple stretched with high paparazzi of the media world envy upon. They seem content with their lifestyle and are in no imagination of parting their ways and claiming custodies or getting a divorce. Her bio fetches the information regarding the couple’s marriage as a super bonding. Her getting pregnant and having children proves her seriousness or to be called determination in family planning.


Her outrageously smart and beautiful persona onscre4en is something that dazzles all the time. Her long blonde hair, deep green eyes and a cute face that is goes along with always fascinating to watch but her great height, hot physique and slender long legs keeps the audience glued to the scre4en of their television sets. Her styles of clothing are well known impression she has propounded throughout her career. Her fashion statement that defines her talent and self-attitude exquisitely keeps her at the top of the list in the anchoring and presentation field. Apart from being a great TV presenter, she loves to cook for her family, co-workers and herself. She bakes one of kind desserts that keep her spare time active. She also loves creating different kinds of jewelry items and it may seem obvious about her creating a brand of her own jewelry in near future due to her conviction in creativity. Her full biography is not said to be published yet in wiki but her Facebook page and twitter account keeps her audience and fans near to her.