Are Cunk On Earth Interviews Real?

The host of Cunk on Earth is Diane Morgan
The host of Cunk on Earth is Diane Morgan( Source : instagram )

Yes, Cunk On Earth interviews are real as they can get. Though the interview is somewhat scripted, the jokes and comedy in the show are all real.

Cunk on Earth is an interview-format show with various professionals and experts in their respective fields who are interviewed about virtually nothing to virtual reality.

The interviewer Cunk comically asks the story of the world's greatest inventions and makes funny comments.

The interview taker Cunk shows how far humanity has come due to their intelligence, their strength and their bravery.

Though the experts are asked questions in such a way that will make them scratch their heads about how to answer them.

Diane Morgan plays the hapless interviewer who asks questions to genuine experts and professionals.

The interview is a witty mockumentary tracing the history of Britain and the world, from the Big Bang to Brexit.

Are Cunk on Earth Interviews Real?

Yes, Cunk on Earth interviews are real. The interviews are scripted as the experts are aware of the nature of the show.

The show's host Diane Morgan is given a script for the questions to be asked to the specific interviewee. The interviewees are experts in their fields. 

The host, Diane plays the role of Philomena Cunk who is a childish character and asks questions to the experts who are the most knowledgeable person in their field.

Trailer for Cunk on Earth on Netflix ( Source : twitter )

The experts are already informed from the beginning of the show that the show is a comedic knowledge show where the questions asked can be childish as the questions may seem.

So, they are told to be as serious as they can be while answering. However, they are told to treat the host as a childish person while answering.

Though the way the interview is pre-prepared, things don't always go as expected. Because the answers that the experts give out cannot always be predicted.

So, the interviewer has to predict and similarly ask the question.

Philomena Cunk interviewing with Joyce Tyldesley
Philomena Cunk interviewing with Joyce Tyldesley ( Source : twitter )

The questions asked are genuine doubts from Cunk as a novice person.

Even then, the experts cannot help but feel puzzled by all the questions that are asked, which are far from what they could have guessed.

Some questions even leave them baffled and leaves the interviewee scratching their heads. 

Experts on Cunk on Earth

Cunk on Earth is real as it is. The show consists of five episodes showing numerous experts in their own respective fields.

Episode 1. In The Beginning

In the first episode, Cunk travels around the world, going to different places with caves and mountains in search of human's first moment and talks about the emergence of humankind where they draw all kinds of things in the cave.

With the various experts, she talked about how the earliest societies were formed and the evolution of humans brought forward the start of inventions where humans starts farming to making the Great Wall of China to building the magnificent Pyramids.

Philomena on why we domesticated dogs and cats
Philomena on why we domesticated dogs and cats ( Source : twitter )

But the question of Cunk that has been constantly in her mind remains is who forgot to build the roof.

The show interviews experts in different fields such as Jim Al-Khalili who is a known theoretical physicist, Paul Bahn a British archaeologist and translator, Irving Finkel who is a British philologist and Assyriaologist, Eleanor Robson who is also a British Assyriologist, and Joyce Tyldesley a British archeologist and Egyptologist and many others.

Episode 2. Faith/Off

The second episode talks about the birth of two of the world's greatest religions and how the faith came to be.

Also, Cunk talks about the Middle Ages which flourished with religion but brought along the dark history which comes with the fall of the Roman Empire, the Dark Ages, The Crusades and Genghis Khan. 

A Clip From Second Episode of Cunk on Earth ( Source : twitter )

The host stands in the ruins of monuments of human excellence and ingenuity that made far more progress than in the Bronze Age.

The old ruins and destruction are now saved and stored in museums so the show does not cover all of it.

The interviewees for this episode were Douglas Hedley who is a professor of the Philosophy of Religion at the University of Cambridge, John Man a British historian and travel writer, Nigel Spivey who specializes in classical art and archaeology, Kate Cooper a former professor of History from the History Department at Royal Holloway at the University of London, Shirley J. Thompson who is an English composer, conductor and violinist.

Episode 3. The Renaissance Will Not Be Televised

In further episode 3, Cunk explores the journey of mankind through the Renaissance and violent revolutions, including different parts of the world that suddenly jumps out with a kick.

Our curious host questions (interrogates) the experts and historians about how the Renaissance and the revolution of people shaped the modern day. 

Philomena talks about Shakespeare having easier to study
Philomena talks about Shakespeare having easier to study ( Source : twitter )

The revolution involves mostly war, such as the American War of Independence and, somewhat to a lesser extent French Revolution to colonization and Napoleon's war.

But one thing that our host felt irritated about was the classical music in the background that always exists.

The guest experts for this episode were Jim Al-Khalili, Douglas Hedley, Shirley J. Thompson, Martin Kemp, who is a British art historian and curator of the life and works of Leonardo da Vinci, Gus Casely-Hayford a British curator and cultural historian, Kathleen Burk a professor of history on politics, diplomacy and finance internationally.

Episode 4. Rise Of The Machines

Episode 4 talks about the ambitions of humans across all land that brings out the development of industry and science which ushered in the age of convenience. 

Convenience brings the modern era of the human world but that convenience brought the threat of destruction of all life that exists on earth and trying to destroy the planet. 

Geniuses such as Marie Curie and Albert Einstein were the influential creators of many things that brought many changes in the world. But along with it brought the infamous World War I and II.

The race for space exploration ( Source : instagram )

The war taught humanity with a hard punch that technology in the wrong hand and for the wrong motivation, can be used to bring pain, anguish and destruction to itself and its fellow kinds.

The professionals of different fields who were called in the show are Jim Al-Khalili, Shirley J. Thompson, Ruth Adams a lecturer at King's College in Cultural and Creative Industries, Brian Klaas an American political scientist, Jonathan Ferguson a British firearm historian and Keeper of Firearms and Artillery at the Royal Armouries Museum.

Episode 5. War(s) Of The World(s)?

In the final episode, Cunk On Earth talks about the accurate human history that brings after the destruction caused by World War II. However, not a war fought with guns and bullets but a war on another scale.

Philomena goes around the world to meet the experts at the top of the industry and get the details about the war on different scales of the Cold War, the Space Race, Globalisation, and Social Media.

Recent times have the division of humanity and the polarization of individuals on various topics such as Capitalism vs Communism, Microsoft vs Apple, and others that you should have gotten it by now.

Philomena having talk with Brian Klaas on arms and ammunition ( Source : twitter )

The only real question is whether humans learn from their mistakes and take a better path or will we doom themselves to the same mistake we made in the past and become an embarrassing stain in human history.

The guest experts for the Cunk to speak with are Jim Al-Khalili, Shirley J. Thompson, Brian Klass, Ruth Adams, Ashley Jackson and Anu Ojha who serves as the director of the National Space Center and is a member of the European Space Agency.

Philomena Cunk Real Or Not?

Diane Morgan plays the role of Philomena Cunk in her cunkie shows. Morgan's excellent portrayal of the role makes her a fan favorite.

Diane is an English actress who is an actress, comedian, television presenter, and writer. Her best role in television portrayal is said to be the fan favorites Cunk on Britain and Cunk on Earth and other hilarious mockumentaries. 

The comedian was born on 5th October 1975 in Bolton, Great Manchester. She is the daughter of a physiotherapist father and a full-time housewife mother. She grew up with her brother.

The actress completed high school at George Tomlinson School in Kearsley. Later she studied at the East 15 Acting School.

She gained her DNA of acting from her father's side. Her father's family side had three known actors Julie Goodyear, Frank Finlay, and Jack Wild.

The star behind Philomena Cunk, Diane Morgan
The star behind Philomena Cunk, Diane Morgan ( Source : pinterest )

Later she gave a try for stand-up comedy. Morgan was awarded for the ingenuity and hilarious of her stand-up comedy with the second position in the Hackney Empire New Act of the Year Award.

Later she worked in tv series such as Robert's Web, Mount Pleasant, The Work Experience, Him & Her and many others.

Her fame shone brightly when she began to play the role of Philomena Cunk on Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe.

With the increasing popularity, she later received her own show, starting with Cunk on Britain in 2016.

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