Who Is Sarah Hirini's Husband Conor Hirini? Everything To Know

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Conor Hirini, the spouse of World Cup-winning Black Fern, Sarah Goss, is one of three club players banned from the game for two years. 

Conor Hirini is a club player from New Zealand. He is also well-known as the adoring husband of World Cup-winning Black Fern Sarah Goss.

He was barred from playing rugby for two years after admitting to possessing and using (or attempting to use) a prohibited drug in 2018.

Who Is Sarah Hirini Husband Conor Hirini?

Sarah Hirini's husband is named Conor Hirini. Like Sarah, he also comes from the sports field. 

He, like Sarah, comes from a sporting background.

Hirini was a Horowhenua Kapiti registered club player when he acquired Clenbuterol in October 2014.

Goss and Hirini have been dating since 2014 and were engaged in Fiji in September 2016, just after the Ferns won gold in Rio.

Conor Hirini Age: How Old Is He?

Conor Hirini's age is reported to be between 30 and 35 years old.

His wife recently posted on Instagram to wish him a happy birthday on January 28.

However, his exact birth date has yet to be established.

What Is Conor Hirini Job?

Conor Hirini's job is that of a rugby player who previously played for the Horowhenua Kapiti club.

However, he was suspended for two years after admitting to possessing and using (or attempting to use) banned drugs.

He then admitted to the Judicial Committee that he had disposed of the drugs without utilizing them.

He will most likely return to the club in a few years.

What Is Conor Hirini Net Worth?

The net worth of Conor Hirini is yet to be revealed. His primary source of income, though, is from playing rugby for the club.

Furthermore, he splits his fortune with his adored wife. She makes between $1 million and $5 million on average.

Follow Conor Hirini On Instagram

Conor Hirini is on Instagram; however, his account is private.

He appears to have a modest profile on social media.

Despite this, his wife frequently posts photos of herself with her spouse on Instagram.

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