Flame Monroe
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Flame Monroe is a drag persona of Marcus Parker. And, Monroe is a comedian who is starring on They Ready. It is a new Netflix comedy series by Tiffany Haddish.

In the same way, he has gone through various transformations. So, he has put quite an effort to look as he does today. More so, he has been under the knife. In this way, he had surgeries to acquire the feminine look.

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Flame Monroe Wiki (They Ready)

Flame Monroe has recently hit the spotlight by starring in They Ready. And, he is one of the six comedians hand-picked by Tiffany Haddish herself.

In one of the episodes, he talks about parenthood, political gangsters and much more.

Likewise, he identified himself as a bisexual transgender person. He was born into the body of a male. However, he always felt like a girl.

Likewise, he is admired for his fiery and funny personality. And, he has completed 20 years in the business. In fact, he started his career as Flame Monroe.

In the same way, he is most known for BET’s Comicview. And, he was featured in Comicview in 2005.

Flame Monroe Net Worth


Flame Monroe’s net worth is something he has not spoken of. Nevertheless, it might be around $30 thousand.

But, still, it is not for certain. Besides, he works as a writer as well.

And, now, with They Ready, his earnings might spike up.

Monroe Bio

His birth name is Marcus Parker. And, he was born on the 14th of July, 1985. His birthplace is Chicago, Illinois.

Nowadays, he lives in Long Beach California. He has a younger brother. With whom, he spent his childhood. Likewise, he graduated from Chicago Vocational High School.

Growing up, he faced countless bullyings and teasings. However, he kept his head high and moved on.

He first had his breast surgery when he was 23 years old. After that, he went through other surgeries too. Then, he also took female hormones. Finally, he began living as a transgender.

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Similarly, he has a height of 5 feet and 8 inches.



Flame does not have a husband. In actuality, he had a wife. However, they parted their ways briefly after the marriage.

Similarly, he also had a girlfriend. With her, he had two children. Both of them were born in the year 2003. But, they are not twins.

Parker has three kids altogether. He has two daughters and a son. Similarly, his younger daughter was born in 2007. And, he posts pictures of them on his Instagram.

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Breakfast with the family

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Flame Monroe Married

Marcus Parker aka Flame Monroe was married. But, his married life could not last.

His wife’s name is Rasheda Daniels. And, she was allegedly a lesbian.

However, they got divorced eventually. And, currently, Parker is single.

Also, he reportedly said that he wishes to stay single. As he thinks only he can take better care of his kids.

For his kids, he takes off his Monroe side at home. Nevertheless, his kids are also supportive of his career and sexuality as well. They make it up to his shows at times.