Colby Tutt

Colby Tutt

Colby Tutt can be known as a media personality’s son. He is the son of Danita Tutt who is currently seen on a new show called Accused: Guilty or Innocent from A&E.

Name Colby Tutt
Birthday 2006
Age 13 years old
Gender Male
Nationality American
Ethnicity white
Parents Danita and Clint Tutt
Siblings 1

Colby has been the victim of the show. As this mom starved him to death. It is not known that if she is guilty or not. But Colby has suffered a lot. He suffered as his mother didn’t feed him with a proper diet and nutritional food.

 Facts about Colby Tutt

  1. Colby Tutt was born in 2006 and he is the son of a mom who is accused of starving her son to death. He was years old in 2013 though his exact date of birth is not known yet.
  2. He made it to the headline of the news as he got the national attention and many people felt sorry for him as he had to face a lot.
  3. He is a native American who was born and raised in the Texas United States. His ethnicity is white.
  4. He has a sibling and his mother is in prison in charge of attempting murder and mi.sbehaviour towards her son Colby. His father and mother are CLint Tutt and Danita.
  5. He is a very sweet boy with a charming face. Due to malnutrition he was underweight and suffered a lot.
  6. He was admitted to hospital and was feeling better but sadly he recently departed from the world in 2020.
  7. All his family and friend were sad to hear about the news of his death
  8. His father and brother were always there for him as his support who gave him a lot of strength and hope.
  9. Danita his mother was sentenced for 5 years in prison. She will be out of prison in 2021 as she faked her son’s illness.
  10. His mother is still in 10 years of probation as well.