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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Clive Owen Yorkshire Farmer
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Clive Owen is a British Television personality who rose to fame after the show “Our Yorkshire Farm” on Channel Five. Though his wife, Amanda Owen is more like a star than him.

Clive Owen, who is rather low-profile in his life has very little information about himself on the internet. So, we are here with some facts about him that might help you know him better.

Clive Owen is the star from ‘Our Yorkshire Farm’

As a matter of fact, Clive Owen is one of the farmers along with his wife, Amanda Owen from the show, Our Yorkshire Farm on Channel Five. He and his wife had been living their remote and farmers’ life long before the show started.

However, they received popularity after the show among people.

Clive Owen’s Age is around 65 years old

As of 2020, Clive Owen’s age is nearly 65 years old.

He is 21 years older than his wife Amanda who is 44 years old at the present time.

Clive Owen Wikipedia Page is Missing

As said earlier, Clive Owen is a very private personality. Hence, even his Wikipedia profile is missing as of yet.

But, his wife, Amanda Owen is on Wikipedia.

He is Living in Yorkshire Farm since over 2 decades

Clive Owen has been the resident of Yorkshire Farm for a very long time. He was around 40 years old when he first arrived in Ravenseat.

Thus, it will be safe to say that he has passed over 20 years on the farm.

Amanda Owen is a Writer and a Shepherd

Not only Clive Owen, even his wife, Amanda Owen is also a Shepherd. Additionally, she is also a writer.

In fact, her books The Yorkshire Shepherdess and A Year in the Life of the Yorkshire Shepherdess are the reason why the Owen family came into the spotlight. Not to mention, Amanda is the star of the book she wrote and also the show “The Yorkshire Farm“.

Just like, Clive, Amanda is also not from the remote life. Moreover, her mother was a model and her father was an engineer in the Urban city of England. But, she chose to move to Ravenseat at the age of 21 leaving all the luxuries behind.

He Married His Wife in 2000

Clive Owen and his wife tied the knot in 2000. They had no connections earlier than that. But, one fine day, Amanda trekked to Clive’s farm in Ravenseat for her work. And not so long after, she fell in love with the man 21 years older than her.

The love that she had for Clive made her move to Ravenseat with him.

And, now the couple has their own family with 9 children together.

Clive has a total of 11 children

9 of his 11 children are from his current wife, Amanda while the 2 are from his former marriage.

Neither of Clive and Amanda had plans to have such a big family. But, it is what it is now and they are very happy in their huge family.

Clive’s first child was born around 18 years ago.

Clive was already a father of 2 when he men Amanda. Despite Clive being a divorcee and 21 years older than her, Amanda fell in love with him. And, now here they are with a huge family of their own.

Clive Owen Net Worth Details Are Missing

There is no record of Clive Owen’s net worth on the internet as of now.

As far as we know, he and his wife own a 2000-acre hill farm in Yorkshire Dales. Additionally, they own 1000 sheep.

The source of the income of the Owen family is primarily sheep wool. But, with the reality show, their source of earning has been added.

He had no Connections to Farms and Farming Before

As a matter of fact, Clive Owen was not subjected to farming before he moved to Ravenseat.

However, when he fell in love, he did everything on his hands to live the rural-life-dream with his wife.

He is not on Social media

Leaving the modern world behind and living in a remote place being a farmer does not necessarily require a great social media presence. Maybe that is why even Clive Owen is not on social media.

But on the other hand, his wife, Amanda is on Instagram and on Twitter. She is on both social media as ‘yorkshireshepherdess’.