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The open minded and dynamic personality of the television industry, Cindy Preszler is a well-known American Meteorologist. She with her vivacious outlook and outrageous talent rules over the heart of the television audience. Her sweet stunning face and her cute smile is very charming and authentic for presentation and screen appearance. She throughout her career as the weather forecaster and analyst has worked with popular television stations like the NBC and has outgrown the speciation of America as well as the World.


Born to a family of farmers in South Dakota of the United States of America she in her early days was very fond of natural history and the science of weather. Her hobbies and passion towards the nature took her to study the same subject. Living under the surrounding of farming family, she was close to the nature and got her time to study it’s phenomena in her early age. Her passion then led her to graduate from the University of South Dakota, her hometown completing her Bachelors and joined the Mississippi State University for getting the degree in Meteorology. She is among the five major female broadcasters from the NBC list.


Her early days after completion of her studies were difficult, as she coming from a middle class family had to seek for her dreams herself. Her working days were full of struggles. Her early job came as an intern working for the stations as an editor, analyst and researcher. She continuously kept changing stations, as her passion to work for the desired stream was being unavailable. She had the opportunity to work for NBC-WMAQ-TV based in Chicago and WKYT-TV based in Lexington. She also got the chance to appear for The Weather Channel for some of her years. Her hard work was paying off and she had great amount of experience enhancement going on from constantly changing her job options. Her desired work with a popular television station came into place when she firmly joined the NBC network. She was a meteorologist and a weather forecaster in her contract with the KSDK-TV a station belonging to the NBC network. She had migrated to St. Louis, Missouri and her shifting of place did the right thing to her. Her work was highly praised, as she was not limited to indoor newsroom reporting. She also did the live coverage reporting of the changing weather conditions. Her reporting of the storms cyclones, tornados, hurricanes and other severe climatic changes and natural disaster were very authentic and reasonably good. Her one of the major breakthrough in weather forecasting was achieved when she reported about earthquake in San Francisco and the cyclone of Charleston in 1989. Her cautious analysis of the weather and the perfected depiction of her charisma in the small screen were admirably brainstorming. The station did great achievement in the rankings after her arrival. Thus, she was paid a handsome salary by the station. Her net worth though is not specified in any sites or networks but she is somebody believed to be accomplished and content by the salary provided to her.


Cindy Preszler influential onscreen presence and the captivating charisma took the heart of the millions of the Americans and viewers all over the world. Her on and off screen personality had different variations but she was specialized by the initials of her career and sticking up to it. She is said to be a married woman. Her spouse, Dave Mack is actually very supportive towards her. However, it is still not sure if the couple is actually married or the relationship is just a casual form of boyfriend and girlfriend. Still, she shares a mutual bond with her husband and the couple deeply in love is not speculated to get divorce any sooner. She has not been pregnant as if she were the media would have known it. Even though her personal life is kept secret and unopened to the media, the media, speculating many rumors, intrude her privacy often. Nevertheless, the fact of her marriage was cleared by herself in one of her interviews. This is not slowing the beautiful dame down how so ever irrespective of her age.


This beautiful girl next door with long blonde hair, nice pretty face, hot physique and attractive long legs with lovely feet has a long way to go. Her achievements include awards like the Emmy for Best weathercaster in2003. She won the Regional Emmy for 14 times. She also has been honored by the membership in NWA and AMS. Her complete bio is not published yet by the wiki but much of her information is evidently found in the internet.