Who Is Christian Hébert? Everything To Know About The Bloc Quebecois Candidate From Portneuf—Jacques-Cartier

Who Is Christian Hébert? Everything To Know About The Bloc Quebecois Candidate From Portneuf—Jacques-Cartier

Christian Hebert who was once a farmer and an army is now pledging to become the leader of Bloc Québécois. Find out the available information on his wife, age, net worth, and so on

Christian Hebert is a politician known as the Bloc Québécois Candidate in Portneuf—Jacques-Cartier.

Portneuf—Jacques-Cartier is one of the 78 electoral districts in Quebec.

The current incumbent Joël Godin from the Conservative Party is also running the election. The other candidates are Sani Diallo, Charle Fiset, Charle Fiset, Nash Mathieu, and Tommy Pelletier.

The election will be held on 20th September, coming Monday.

Christian Hébert Age And Wikipedia

Christian Hebert is a man of age 39 years. 

Prior to getting into politics, he was also in the military for 12 years. From the age of 18, he joined military college and later progressed to the army.

As a young age child, he was taught traditional farming by his father. After the military, he carried the legacy of his father ages after to became a farmer in Portneuf.

Hebert now works in the agriculture government sector in the  National Order of Agricultural Merit. However, for the election, he had to let go of the post.

Christian Hebert Wife

Karen Morin is the name of the wife of Christian Hebert.

They are not married for long now and started as husband-wife 5-6 years ago. They were in a relationship, however, prior to marriage.

Hebert is also a father with a daughter with his wife, Karen. Christian loves sharing pictures of his wife and daughter on Instagram. He also loves taking his daughter to his election campaigns while his wife joins Hebert when she is available.

Hebert promised that his agricultural background will help Quebec to restore its economy by revolutionizing the local farming business. He also hopes to blend agriculture with technology more.

Christian Hebert Net Worth

The net worth Chrisitan Hebert earned can be sensed by that data provided by CA Talent, which is $49,400.

The average salary could reach as high as $187,000. Thus, in 12 years of military time, salary promotions are bound to happen. Although there’s a lack of a definitive figure, we can comprehend that the net worth he earned was quite substantial.

Also standing up for an election requires serious net worth investment by the candidates. From this too we can sense the net worth is not very low.