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Chef Michael Psilakis Wife (Anna Marie Caputo) Wiki, Bio, Net Worth Now
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Nowadays, Cooking isn’t only limited to the kitchen of a house. It has now become a profession for many. Time has changed and of course, new history is being created.

In this era, most of the renowned chefs are men. This doesn’t mean I believe in gender discrimination. Undoubtedly, both men and women have equal opportunities. I am just saying cooking is no more only women’s thing, men can also cook.

Likewise, one of the most famous chefs is Michael Psilakis. He chose cooking as his career. And, now he is one of the best chefs we know. This article is all about the details of Michael. So, don’t go away and read the article.

Chef Michael Wife (Anna Marie Caputo)

Michael Psilakis is married to his wife Anna Marie Caputo. And, let me tell you, he guards his personal details too well. So, it is difficult to find his wife’s details besides her name.

According to some sources, Chef Michael and Anna are together for a long time. Undoubtedly, they are living a happily married life.

Additionally, the couple also has a child. Like I said earlier, it is difficult to track the chef’s personal details. We don’t have his children’s details. However, we know that he is a family man. His wife is the key to his successful career.

Chef Michael Psilakis Wiki

Michael is a well-known personality. Though he is a secretive person. He prefers to keep his personal details within him. However, his professional career is like an open book. Additionally, Chef Michael Psilakis also has a dedicated wiki page.

His birth, family and education details are not available on the internet. So, let’s directly talk about his career. Michael has a successful career in the food business. He is a restaurateur professionally. And, he is also famous as a television personality.

Furthermore, he appeared in TV shows like Ultimate Recipe Showdown, No Kitchen Required, The Best Thing I Ever Ate. Michael is a foodie and he mostly appeared in shows related to food. Over the years, he worked in many restaurants in New York.

He sharpened his cooking skills and came out as one of the elite chefs in America. Cooking is an art. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to represent Chef Michael as a food artist. Moreover, he started his career in cooking in 2004. Firstly, he worked at an Ice cream store.

Later, he tried opening his own restaurants. Until now, he has opened four restaurants. However, some of them closed. He opened his new restaurant in 2016. Its name is Allora Italian Kitchen. Also, he was the chef for Barack Obama a long time ago.

Michael Bio

Unlike other celebrities, Michael hasn’t provided his bio details. It is difficult to find his birthdate, his age or his family details. He is famous as a Greek-American chef/restaurateur.

Besides, there aren’t any details available on the internet. His details hiding skills are commendable no doubt.

Chef Michael Psilakis Net worth ($800,000)

As per sources, Chef Michael’s net worth is at around $800 thousand. He is a successful chef and TV personality. So, definitely, he is worth that amount.