Where Is Charmaine Roman Now? Details To Know About The Gangster

Where Is Charmaine Roman Now? Details To Know About The Gangster

Charmaine Roman’s whereabouts are unknown. Her deportation to Jamaica was supposed to be decided by a federal judge in 2020. To know more about her, keep reading the article.

Charmaine Roman was a doting mother and grandmother to her family. However, she was a ruthless leader to her Jamaican drug ring.

Charmaine was also referred to as the Queenpin of the drug ring.

She was an avid gambler outside of Vegas.

Where Is Charmaine Roman In 2021?

The whereabouts of Charmaine Roman are unknown as of May 2021.

However, the TV show, American Gangster: Trap Queens does reveal that her deportation was to be decided by a federal judge in 2020.

Aside from that piece of information, her whereabouts are a mystery in itself.

Charmaine Roman Wikipedia

Charmaine Roman was from Jamaica but had lived in America for over 20 years illegally.

She lived in a flashy condo, drove a land rover, gambled avidly, and helped to raise her grandson.

Her typically wealthy lifestyle was driven by her violent multi-million dollar organized crime ring. Apparently, she was part of the organization’s finances and helped launder money at the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas to the tune of $3 million.

Although Charmaine deposited $3.3 million at the Wynn between 2010 and 2012, she paid far less in federal taxes according to case records.

She used the cover of Sure Thing Investments, a concert promotion company.

According to Florida Lottery spokeswoman, she had redeemed 44 winning lottery tickets since 2009 and had won nearly 187 thousand dollars via scratch lottery.

On September 30, 2013, she was pinched down by the authorities as she pulled into the Orlando parking lot to deliver a 400-pound shipment of marijuana.

Queenpin was arrested and taken in ICE custody along with 50 others as part of the sting which police dubbed Warehouse 13. 

Roman also had the identity of Antoinette Lewis.

Charmaine Roman Age And Daughters

Charmaine Roman’s age is 50 years as of May 2021.

Apparently, she was 42 years old at the time of her arrest.

According to various sources, her daughters are Tiajade Farquharson and Shanita Somers.