Who Is Chantel Baptista? Meet The Dancer Girlfriend Of Pasquale Barbaro on Instagram

Who Is Chantel Baptista? Meet The Dancer Girlfriend Of Pasquale Barbaro on Instagram

Portuguese dancer Chantel Baptista is famous not for her dancing; rather, it’s her love life with deceased Australian gangster Pasquale Barbaro. In this article, we have put forward some interring facts related to Chantel Baptista.

Chantel Baptista is a Portuguese dancer notably known as a former girlfriend to Australian gangster Pasquale Barbaro.

Chantel was in a relationship with Barbaro until he was killed in a drive-thru shooting in Earlwood in 2016.

Pasquale Barbaro was a gangster who had links to the Calabrian mafia of Italy. Even his grandfather and a cousin were shot down in the same manner.

He was a married man with kids; however, Chantel and Pasquale were in a relationship back then.

Pasquale Barbaro Girlfriend Chantel Baptista

Chantel Baptista was the girlfriend of Pasquale Barbaro, and she is an Australian national of Portuguese heritage.

It is believed that Pasquale was living with Chantel in Sydney’s South. Chantel’s mother used to live there too at the time.

Chantel is a dancer by profession and used to work as a contract dancer at a venue named The Act, which was located in UAE.

She started dating Pasquel just a few months before his death. However, she was in love with him and even mourned his death.

After Pasquael’s death, her life was turned upside down.

Within few days of Barbaro’s passing, she became a victim of online harassment, where she received death threats.

Furthermore, her’s fake naked pictures were released on the internet.

Chantel Baptista Age: How Old Is She?

Chantel Baptista’s exact age has not been known as of now. However, it is believed that she was much younger than Pasquale Barbaro.

At the time of his death, Pasquale’s age was 35 years. 

Chantel’s recent photos are not available at the moment; however, looking at the old photos, her current age might be between 25-35 years.

Meet Chantel Baptista On Instagram

Chantel Baptista cannot be found on Instagram.

Showcasing her beauty and exotic bikini pictures, she once enjoyed a huge following on social media.

However, after Pasquale’s death, she became a target online and constantly suffered from online harassment.

Since then, she has not been active on any social media platform, let alone Instagram.

She might have changed her name on Instagram to keep a low profile.

Chantel Baptista’s Wikipedia And Net Worth

Chantel Baptista does not have a Wikipedia page under her name.

Chantel was an unknown figure to the world until her association with Paquaele emerged as his girlfriend.

Likewise, her net worth is not disclosed to the public. But, being a former girlfriend of a gangster, she sure was showered with luxurious gifts and a lavish lifestyle back then.