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Chandlar Walby Age: The highly accomplished American reality television star and social media influencer Chandlar Walby present age is 26.

She was a fresh-faced teen when craved a place in the industry as a reality star before rising to become a global sensation.

Today she is reckoned as one of the most acknowledged stars in television and social media with over 12k Instagram followers and a popular TV show called Teen Mom: Young Moms Club’ under the belt.

Chandlar Walby Height

How tall is Chandlar Walby? Chandlar Walby Height: The Teen Mom Family star Walby is perhaps one of the hottest and sweetest moms in MTV’s reality show. She is blessed with dreamy looks; soothing appearance and attractive height making her stand out from the crowd.

Her ethereal good looks with girlish image, teenage glow, deep blue eyes, and infectious smile have given Walby a glam appearance that it’s impossible to overlook the star.

Despite being a mom of two kids, the blond beauty possesses an eye-catching curvy physique with taut abs and biceps retained through mild exercise and workout.

Chandlar Walby Wiki

She is the Teen Mom Young Moms Club famed star and social media phenomenon with more than 12k followers on Instagram,

Chandlar Walby is still to get her own wiki page.

Born and brought up in San Diego, California, Walby is quite reticent and chary when it comes to speaking about her relationship with parents who has alas maintained a low-key profile.

Apart from her mom and dad, the reality star has also not disclosed details about her educational background and qualification, keeping it a secret from both media and fans.

Chandlar Walby Boyfriend – Aaron Carr

Chandlar Walby’s relationship with her new boyfriend Aaron Carr has been pretty awful over the years as he has been continuously struggling with drug addiction.

Chandlar and Aaron have been dating each other for more than 2 years now and yet it seems like they are trying pretty hard to keep their marriage alive.

The duo together shares an 18-months old son named Jaxson who is clearly the one bringing the two under the same roof and helping save the relationship.

Prior to Aaron, Chandlar was earlier in a relationship with a guy named James Hartwell but she kept the romantic affair hush-hush.

They hooked up over the years and even cohabited before Walby expected a girl with her then-boyfriend James. The pair is no longer together and the reality star is raising their daughter Aubrey, aged 7 since Hartwell has been paralyzed after a deadly BMX accident.

Chandlar Walby Bio

Unlike most MTV Teen Moms, Chandlar Walby is infamously confidential about her personal life especially when it comes to speaking on her bond with mom and dad.

Despite being popular nationwide with the reality show, she has barely discussed or recounted her childhood growing up in California which leaves her fans in mystery about what her nature was as a child.

As per her bio on several websites, Walby is a native of San Diego but apart from that, there is no other information to discover about her private life.