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Julie Chen, a beautiful and gorgeous TV presenter from CBS network has placed her as the hot topic for discussion among her fans and acquaintance.

She belongs to Asian ethnicity and is currently forty-three years of age. She shared the astonishing news that she has undergone plastic surgery and has maintained her nose and eyelid.

She also claimed that because of racial discrimination she is supposed to change her face like Americans with enlarge eyes and wants to look Asian less.

She is also a host of a reality show called Big Brother which is one of the popular reality shows not only in CBS but all around the United States.

She has contributed to the show since the opening of the show in 2000. Likewise, she also anchors a show The Talk on the same network.

Because of her ability, she is assigned to a challenging and competitive job which she loves a lot. After her plastic surgery, she looks very young and doesn’t look at her actual age.

In 2004, she got married who found a president of CBS network Leslie Moonves as her Loving husband.

Also, this couple is blessed with a nice baby as a son named Charlie Moonves. Her elaborated profile and biographies can be studied and can be acquired from Wiki or Wikipedia.

She also possesses a height of 1.64 m with tall and attractive legs and feet. She is having a net worth of eight millions of American Dollar.