Who Is Catherine Letarte? Meet The Wife Of Canadian Politician Maxime Bernier On Instagram

Who Is Catherine Letarte? Meet The Wife Of Canadian Politician Maxime Bernier On Instagram

Catherine Letarte is the wife of Maxime Bernier, who is yet to be featured on Wikipedia. Let’s learn a little more about her. 

Maxime Bernier is a Canadian businessman, lawyer, and politician who served as a cabinet member and Member of Parliament for Beauce in Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government from 2006 to 2019.

He founded and currently leads the People’s Party of Canada.

Gilles Bernier is a well-known radio broadcaster who represented the Beauce riding as a Progressive Conservative and then as an independent from 1984 to 1997.

Furthermore, he was born in Saint-Georges, Quebec to Doris and Gilles Bernier.

Not only does the highly accomplished guy have a wonderful love for his wife, but he also has a tremendous affection for his wife outside of work.

Catherine Letarte Wikipedia And Age

Maxime Bernier’s wife, Catherine Lerate, is difficult to locate as she has not been featured on Wikipedia.

We do know that she is the founder and director of Omega Community Resources, a mental health clinic in Montreal.

And she studied ballet at Canada’s National Ballet School.

The current age of Catherine Lerate is 52 years old.

She gave the Huffington Post an interview in which she detailed their relationship in-depth, including the first time she met Maxime Bernier.

Since 2010, Maxime Bernier has been her boyfriend, and they married in July.

Her most recent public shot was taken at her wedding to Maxime Bernier on the beach.

Catherine Letarte Husband Details

Catherine has been married to her husband Maxime Bernier since the last update.

The couple has not been successful in conceiving a kid.

Catherine has kept a low profile, refusing to speak about her personal life.

As a result, neither her relatives nor her parents have provided much information.

We’re assuming she hails from a wealthy family. Many people would assume her to be from a renowned person since she is the wife of one.

We hope she will soon provide details about her family.

Catherine Letarte Net Worth And Instagram Details

Catherine Letarte’s net worth has not been properly disclosed.

We estimate her net worth to be between 200,000 and 1,0000000 USD, based on her career.

Catherine Lerate’s Instagram account is yet to be created. We can learn a lot about her spouse through his Instagram account.

While searching the internet, we saw she is a quiet person. Her Instagram account is private, and she doesn’t have many Twitter followers.

She hasn’t used it in a long time. She has a lot of beach sunset images on her Facebook page, but she doesn’t seem to update it very frequently.