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The beautiful and dynamic, Carla Hall is a well-known name in the American Television industry. She is a dignified Celebrity Chef and an honored television personality. Having competed in the reality based television competition series and ranking herself as a finalist in two of the seasons, she had made her name in various on-screen representations. Her work was much favored in modeling and culinary field. She with her dazzling and captivating personality can scintillate anybody on or off screen. Her greatly built physique and a cute and lovely presence with looks to die for are her eternal assets.


She felt her first verse of life from Nashville, Tennessee in May 12, 1964. She belongs from a black descent and ethnicity. She attended Howard University and graduated in Accounting in 1986. She deployed herself in Price Waterhouse as an employee and got herself the CPA certificate. Her initial interest in career objective was ranged in modeling. She with her divine height and physique worked furiously for years in Paris, Milan and parts of London. Her interest in the field got her the chance to travel to several cities and she instantly captured the lifestyle and foods of the places. Her love for the field of culinary was then generated in her mindset.


It was a hard start for the dame as she worked at a lunch delivery service named Lunch Brunch in the capital city of United States of America. She deployed herself as an employee at the service centre for four years. Later she went to achieve the formal culinary practice and studied L’Academie de Cuisine in Gaithersburg, MD. She completed her enrollment and got herself certified from Culinary Career Training. She had her externship in Henley Park Hotel in 1996 and was a contender of prompt promotion. She after completing her externship went on to work as an executive level chef in State Plaza and Washington Club. Through her different level of job experiences, she then opened a catering business of her own in 2001, named Alchemy Caterers, which was located in Silver Spring, MD. She also is a profound writer and has in her name cookbook like Cooking with Love: Comfort Food that Hugs you.


Her breakthrough step came when she got appointed as an contestant in the reality based TV competition show Top Chef in 2008. She remained as a finalist for most of the episodes and had great reviews from the judges. However she did not win the competition, but her achievement got memorized by the audience. Her phrase like “Hootie Hoo!” was well received by the viewers. She influenced the mass by creating her special technique of cooking with love. The formulae is based on cooking happily and with calmness, which will show in the food being cooked and will always taste and look better. She also was a competitor for the eight seasons of the series of Top Chefs: All-Stars, but to loose again. However, she was considered to re-approach in other episodes as a part of the show. In overall, she was ranked fifth and was honored with Fan Favorite. She remains in the television screens as an assisting host for the ABC network’s series The Chew, which was started from September 26, 2007. She also made the cover page of Washington Post Magazine in May 3, 2009, where she was featured for Fit for Fame and she talks about staying fit and glamorous while still being famed. Her approach of fitness and healthy eating was well received by the crowd. Her success among the public has oriented her net worth to be accumulated worthwhile as she firmly enjoys the media and its profitability.


The widely talented and hot diva Carla Hall of the culinary and television industry has ruled the hearts of millions. She in hr on- screen presentation dazzles the screen and makes the cooking method a lot simpler and adorable. She has helped many of the food lovers to stay close to cooking with her skillful recipes. Her ways of making cookies has delighted and assisted the large scale of audience. She is a married woman and has a stepson from her husband. She is living a happy life with her husband and there is no speculation of divorce any sooner. More about her can be found in wiki. The complete bio focusing her has not been published yet however, she stays connected to her fans and followers through her official Twitter account.