Callie Brownson Gender: Is The Football Player Transgender? Here’s What We Know

Callie Brownson Gender: Is The Football Player Transgender? Here’s What We Know

What is Callie Brownson gender? Keep reading to find out details on the NFL coach’s gender identity and sexual preferences.  

Callie Brownson is the chief of staff of the NFL team Cleveland Browns. 

Callie seems to break the gender rule of only a man being the chief of staff of an NFL team. She has played for the women’s national football team and has won two gold medals. 

Further, she has also played the DC Divas in the woman football alliance. During her college, Callie was a softball player, as the football team didn’t take a woman into their team. 

Callie Brownson Gender Explained

Callie Brownson’s gender is a high ask question, as she is always seen in a man’s outfit. It turns out that Callie is a female. 

No evidence says that she has any other gender than female. 

She is the first female to be the coach of an NFL standard team. Callie made history by becoming the first female coach in the game of 2020. 

Callie Brownson Gay & Transgender Rumors

Despite ongoing rumors, Callie is doesn’t appear to be gay or transgender. 

She is a biological female but her sexuality is not confirmed yet. All these questions were raised due to her clothing structure. 

The rumors were strong about her being gay, but those weren’t proven to be true. 

Callie has not any remarks on the rumor. But, also she has not supported the issue.

Callie Brownson Wife, Partner

Callie Brownson has not revealed details on her wife or married life. 

Further, it seems that she is not dating anyone at the moment. She also has no history of dating and romantic relationships. 

Callie might get married soon after finding the love of her life. But, as of now, the lady is single and busy with her schedule.