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Bumbly American Idol Real Name, Age, Wiki, Parents, Bio, Family, Boyfriend
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Among the many faces in the seventeenth season of American Idol, Bumbly the singer is also one. You might think that there are lots of emerging talents in Idol, so what makes her so special. Well we are going to discuss about the talented singer and the song writer below.

Bumbly Age, Bio, Wiki and Real Name

It seems that her wiki doesn’t provide the actual date of her birth. So, her real age is still a mystery. But she was born and raised in New York by her mother. Although, we don’t have any info on her mother, we do know that she is Latin.

The aspiring new singer has recently captured the attention of the world with her stunning performance on Saturday Night Live of the top 20 contestants. However, the video of her audition was not aired on ABC due to technical reason. So, her real name is still in the dark. But as for now we know her with her name stage name ‘Bumbly’.

Moreover, the new emerged singer is an inspirational personality. It’s because she was a subway singer before getting into the Idol. Plus, she did that for two whole years. Given, the time span her struggle is something to be noticed.

Bumbly said that she learned singing from her mother and the subway singing experience helped her to hone her skills.

Also, there is very less info on her educational background. So, as for now we can only say that she is an educated person.

Who is Bumbly’s Boyfriend? Details on Her Relationship Status

Since the new singer has recently caught the attention of media, there is very less info on her personal life. Moreover, Bumbly isn’t a big star like; Katy Perry or Taylor Swift for her news of love life to be a gossip among the viewers. Also, her current activity on social media sites doesn’t hint anything towards her love life. So, we can assume that she is single at the moment.

And even if the singer is secretly dating someone at the moment, the media is unaware about it.

Bumbly on American Idol

Bumbly recently made her appearance on the seventeenth season of American Idol. But her audition wasn’t aired due to technical reason.

In her audition, she sang the song ‘God is a Woman’ by Ariana Grande. With the performance she advanced to the Hollywood Round.

To enlist herself in the top 20 position, she sang the song ‘Vision of Love’.

In the Hawaii round, Bumbly sang the song ‘Baby’. After her performance the judges told her that she has the elements to be in the semi-finals.