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Bukayo Saka Salary Net Worth, Girlfriend, Height,  Parents, Wikipedia
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Bukayo Saka Salary Net Worth, Girlfriend, Height, Parents, Wikipedia. Bukayo Saka Age, Wiki, Earnings, GF, Family, Ethnicity, Nationality and More.

Footballers are indeed bonafide of media charm. And the football community out there knows why. In case, you witnessed Arsenal vs Manchester United on Monday evening, you would know for sure. Making his way to one of the biggest Arsenal’s tie-ups in England, Bukayo Saka outshone some of the biggest football stars in the Premier League.

Eighteen years of age and he helps his team to a tie-up in such a crucial game. Now they sit on the top four in the league points table, leaving Manchester at the tenth place. After his delightful performance in the 2019-20 (ongoing) Europea League competition, Bukayo had his first-team chance on Monday, September 30.

Despite having played in such a pressure, Bukayo eased his opponents. In fact, he was at least better than £72million signing Nicolas Pepe.

As the star is showing great potential with his every minute on the filed, some of the big European giants are already at him. While he has a long way to go as a professional footballer, he might just emerge as one of the greatest Premier League midfielders of the recent time.

Here are some details about Bukayo Saka that might interest you.

Bukayo Saka Salary, Net Worth, Contract Details

Bukayo Saka began playing football with Arsenal’s Hale End Academy. At the age of 17, he inked his first professional contract with The Gunners. Likewise, he was then promoted to the under-23 side, as well.

His first contract with Arsenal is worth a colossal $544,450. Under his current contract, the winger will make $45,371.20 per month, while $11066.49 per week.

He is among the highest-paid semaphores in Arsenal. As his contract is a year deal, he will have the option to extend his contract or join some other European sides.

If he is to perform at his current level, he is certain to earn a huge amount at Arsenal.

So far, the exact figure of his net worth is still under review. By 2020, he will be worth $544,450, excluding any sponsorship incomes.

Does Bukayo Have a Girlfriend?

The Premier League winger is currently single. Playing alongside the likes of Mesut Ozil, Pierre-Emerick and Granit Xhaka, Bukayo has a to prove to his teammates as well as the club.

Bukayo who is in his first year of the professional contract is seemly busy in his playing career. With a lot to grasp in the Premier League as well as in the European competition, it’s only obvious for the player to have his 100% focus at the field.

Bukayo Saka will have a lot to figure out about girlfriend and affairs at the right time. And this just doesn’t appear to be the right time for him to have a girlfriend.

Height: Bukayo Saka stands 5 feet & 10 inches tall, His Body Weight

Bukayo Saka stands 5 feet and 10 inches tall. In meters, he is 1.78 meters tall.

The British winger has a slim body structure, just like any other professional footballer. As we well know, athletes are subjects to a strict routine as well as a balanced diet.

For now, the details of his body weight is still not published.

Are his parents British? Wikipedia, Age

Bukayo Saka was born in London, England to parents of black descent.

Neither the identity of his parents is published on his Wikipedia page, nor has he shared their pictures on his social media pages.

He was born on September 5, 2001, and is currently 18 years old.