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Buffie Purselle Net Worth, Age, Husband, Wiki, House (Married To Medicine)
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Buffie Purselle Net Worth, Age, Husband, Wiki, House (Married To Medicine). Buffie Purselle Wikipedia, Spouse, Height, How Old, Read Also:-

Most of you might not be familiar with the name, Buffie Purselle. Well, she is a successful entrepreneur from the States and a pretty good one in her file. In fact, her story is greatly motivating and might ask you to work hard as well.

But that’s not all to her profile. After all, many might not just be interested in an entrepreneur. But, what if we tell you that she is also a TV personality. Does this name, Married to Medicine, rings any bells? If yes, then you might wish to know who the gorgeous lady is.

This time Married to Medicine heads to Atlanta and we have some great female entrepreneurs from Atlanta. The Season 7 of Married to Medicine premiered on September 8.

The American TV series has brought us some familiar as well as unfamiliar faces. Jackie Walters, Heavenly and Damon Kimes are among the familiar faces of the TV series, while Buffie is a new face on the TV show.

Though, she won’t be a newbie in the industry here on.

Below you will find details about Buffie Purselle’s net worth, age, wiki, as well as love life.

Buffie Purselle Net Worth, House, Properties

Married to Medicine, as the name suggests, the members of the sitcom are either doctors themselves or doctor’s wives. Her Buffie isn’t a doctor herself, rather she is an entrepreneur who runs a local business in Atlanta, the United States.

To our knowledge, Married to Medicine picks out a successful professional from across a state, and it hints that Buffie is also a successful entrepreneur. According to her Bravo bio, she is a tax and personal finance professional.

She also works as the voice chair-person of IYAI abbreviated from Introducing Youth to Careers in Infrastructure. The organization was founded by Dr. Beverly Scoott.

Through her multiple professions, she could be making a lot of dollars. Meanwhile, the exact figure of Buffie’s net worth and annual earning are still under review.

Her co-star, Jackie Walters has an estimated net worth of $3 million, as of 2019.

She currently lives at her Atlanta house.

Age: How Old is Buffie Purselle, Her Wiki

Her Bravo bio reflects that Buffie Purselle is a tax official with two decades of experience. Likewise, she is a graduate of Georgia State University. She graduated from the university in 2000.

According to, the average age of Americans during college graduation is around 22 years. Through her graduation thing and 20 years of expertise in the tax profession, it means that Buffie is running in her mid-40s.

Also, her appearance suggests that she could be running in her 40s.

Even at the 40s, Buffie Purselle has managed to look good. Way to go lady.

Married To Medicine Alum  Buffie Purselle’s Husband, How’s her Love Life?

Well, Married to Medicine requires two basic qualities. Firstly, one has to be in professional in the medical field, if not, one’s husband has to be in that field.

So far, you already know that Buffie isn’t in the medical field. That leaves the later option for her.

Yes, Buffie Purselle is a married woman and her husband is a doctor. She is married to a guy named Dr. David Purselle.

Her husband is a white guy.

The couple doesn’t have any children together.