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The convincingly dashing protagonist, Bryan Norcoss is a well known name for the television industry. A meteorologist in profession, his name is affiliated with many other tags and honors. He is a host in The Weather Channel at present. An analyst and reporter, he coordinates with many social and humanitarian efforts. His indulgence in serving the society apart of showcasing the weather diameters is commendable. He is also regarded as one of the best television host and hurricane expert. His efforts in making the sole coverage of the storms and working in severe and odd hours has acclaimed the maestro with many high level accolades.


Born in Miami he had a wide appreciation the nature and its science. From his early days, he loved to be in the nature and was so well acquaint with its forever-changing behavior. His hometown is one of the most delightful places for the nature lovers and which assisted the upbringing of a fabulous entrepreneur of the weather forecasting. He was a brilliant student from his early days. He also knew the mechanism to fix transmitters as a youngster and shocked his neighborhood by reporting the conditions of the weather through his home based station. He did his graduation from Florida. He enrolled in Florida State University and completed Bachelor of Science with the major in Physics and Mathematics. He also completed his Masters and PhD in communication and Meteorology from the same University in Florida.


He started early for his job experiences, which varied for a lot of time, until he settled for the best position. Starting as a D.J for WTAI in Melbourne, Florida, he had his career on the move in the field of broadcasting during 1968/69. He also worked for WTAL-AM and WFSU-FM as R.J broadcasting about the weather from the Air. From the same station, he started on the small screen as an Engineer. His job experiences varied in the fields of engineering from being based in technical to maintenance. After completing his graduation in 1972 he got a job in KUSA-TV based in Denver in 1975. A year after joining KUSA-TV in 1976, he was approached to 10:00 pm news as a producer. The news broadcast was among the highest rated television show of that time. This tremendous out keep of the audience tend the super talented Norcoss seriously in the field. His determination and well received approach to the weather forecasting and news anchoring took a different level when he was promoted to WLKY-TV. Not only he but also the American television industry still very comfortingly remembers the first day of his job. He was the only crewmember of the newscaster those arrived the station that day in spite of the severe weather. He was accustomed to storms and hurricanes from his childhood so it did not stop him at any ways. He took over the station and broadcasting responsibilities with the help of few engineers available at the station and  kept the show going., his triumphed attempt to serve the audience not only showered him with many flowerers’ and fans but the show became the only one to cover the storm in the history of American television. His career was outrushing with different opportunities. After completion of his Masters degree he got the opportunity to be approached by CNN to mark him as the first weather forecaster in 1980. He moved a lot and changed his working stations as well. This did not affect his well-reputated fame and admiration of the audience. His working stations included KGO-TV,WXIA-TV, WPLG,WTVJ and WFOR to the name the few. His responsibilities varied with the change of every station. Working as a producer, mete4orologist, weathercaster, news anchor, analyst, sole broadcaster and researcher, he attempted to do best on every region of appointments. Since 2010, he is based on The Weather Channel as a Hurricane Expert.


He is acknowledged with many honors and awards. Expert Advisor for the Academic Task Force, David Brinkley Award, Emmy Award and Honorary Chairman of the Board of South Florida Hurricane Warning Museum are some of the few awards in his name. His efforts in defense measures for the society after striking of the severe weather was also widely praised and admired. He has his own company named America’s Emergency Network, which acts in the emergencies giving away precautions to the crowd and the society after hurricane or storm is struck. The safety measures advices as helped a lot of people in the moment of devastation. After so many feats, he has a handsome salary and his net worth is believed to be worth his hard work.


Bryan Norcoss is a married man and the name of his wife and children is not disclosed to the media. He maintains his privacy seriously. His matter of divorce and other facts of his personal life are still not given away to the media. His information about the career and bio are in Wikipedia.