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A terrific dancer and national competition winner Brooke Marie Hyland popularly known as Brooke Hyland is a sixteen year old cute reality star born in 30 January 1998 in Pennsylvania, US. She is the daughter of Randy Hyland and a dancer mother Kelly Hyland. She has a younger sister Paige Hyland of thirteen year of age who also dances along with her. Her younger brother Josh Hyland, 14, is a hockey player. He used to dance in his younger age and had a trio with Paige and Chloe Lukasiak but gradually left dancing to play hockey.


This cute girl goes Franklin Regional High School along with her siblings and is a student of tenth grade. She has been practicing Pointe since she was nine year old. She used to dance at Abby Lee Miller Dance Company (ALDC) with her sister. ALDC is a nonprofit organization founded twenty six years ago by Maryen Lorrain Miller, formed to provide promising and dedicated young dancers an opportunity to study with the dance community’s most distinguished dance educators and compete against other dancers across the country. Brooke had been studying dance from her early age on ALDC but the recent catfight between Abby Lee Miller, Brooke’s former dance instructor and co-star, and Kelly Hyland, Brooke’s mother, has got her way away from the company. The duo co-stars had fought on the backstage of their popular show Dance Moms which airs on the Lifetime channel  ET 9:00 pm on Tuesday. They had the fight on the issue of performance. Kelly even accused Miller for troubling and hurting her kids. Kelly was also arrested for her alleged catfight with Abby. Miller charged her with the accusation of assault and harassment whereas Hyland is claiming that she was being self defendant for her kids from their tyrannical coach. The Hyland sisters, since then, has not stepped in the Pittsburgh situated ALDC studio.


Brooke is very much in fame for her dance relating show Dance Moms. Dance Moms is an American reality show which debuted in Lifetime channel in 13 July 2011. The show features Abby Lee Dance Company and children’s early career in dance show business. Renewed up to four seasons, Brooke wasn’t casted in second season but was in third season of the show as a regular crew. As the show features dance and stories related to it, it stars Abby Lee Miller in the lead and is set in Pittsburgh’s Abby Lee Dance Company’s Elite Competition Dance Team of young girls. The show also focuses on mothers of dancers as they encourage their daughters and rival the other dancers’ mothers. Miller and Gianna Martello are the choreographers of the show whereas Brooke Hyland is casted a s the eldest dancer who is strong at acro style of dancing and dreams to be performing as Cirque du Soleil one day. The dancing skill of this magnificent girl is finely shown and is also speculated to be garnished due to the show. Generally casted in the middle of the pyramid, she sometimes is also seen performing on the top of it. Her sensual dancing tricks was very much admired worldwide that she has been various time nominated and awarded with Teen Choice Awards and many other titles. She even states that she once had the disinterest grown for dance but eventually cut that out and has emerged as one of the most graceful dancer of her age. She also is gifted with cuckoo voice and is an amazing singer. Her song “Summer Love Song” was very much popular and her recent debut album “Brooke Hyland” had reached number 9 in iTunes stores. She is an A+ student is very much passionate about books. Rejoiced with the idea of getting time with friends, this little girl is one of the brilliant dancers of the industry. As per sources, it was confirmed that Brooke Along with her sister and mother won’t be appearing in the further seasons of Dance Moms. It was stated by Miller in The View. The whole reason behind it was the dispute raised back in November 2013 between Kelly and Miller.


Strong in the lyrical form of dance, this lavishing dancer Brooke Hyland looks very pretty with the height of four feet ten inches while performing. Not been in any romantic relationship till date, she don’t have any boyfriend and is not dating anyone at present.


Always consumed with dance, this wonderful dancer is active in twitter and her fun facts and trivia in enlisted in her own official site but there is no page on wiki related to her.