NXT: Who Is Bron Breaker? Meet The Wrestler on Instagram

NXT: Who Is Bron Breaker? Meet The Wrestler on Instagram

Bron Breaker is an American professional Wrestler who recently made his debut on NXT 2.0. Who is Bron Breaker? Continue reading to know more.

Bron Breaker’s true name is Bronson Rechsteiner, and he is an American wrestler. He is a former ECW Champion who made his NXT 2.0 debut recently.

He was also a former football player in the United States. In addition, he was a member of the Kennesaw State University football team. He eventually changed his sport to wrestling.

The professional wrestler is pleased with his performance but believes he still has a long way to go.

Is Bron Breaker on Wikipedia?

Bron Breaker’s biography can be found on Wikipedia’s official page. He also has his education, early career, and accomplishments recorded on his Wikopedia page.

As a result, it should come as no surprise that his biography has been covered by a number of internet publications.

Bron was signed as an undrafted free agent fullback by the Baltimore Ravens. In August of 2020, he was released.

Wrestling was another sport in which he excelled, capturing the Georgia Class 6A state championship in 2016.

His well-known family history and successful profession have garnered him a sizable following. As a result, his biography can be found on Wikipedia.

Bron Breaker Age And Real Name Revealed

As of right now, Baron Breaker age is 23 years old. He was born on October 24, 1997, in the Woodstock, Georgia area of the United States.

Bronson Rechsteiner is his real name. For wrestling, he goes by the stage name Baron Breaker.

The wrestler is the son of legendary wrestler Rick Steiner, and his uncle, Scott Steiner, is also a legendary wrestler.

He went to Etowah High School in Woodstock, where he was a three-year letter winner in football.

Bron went on to Kennesaw State University in Georgia, where he majored in Criminal Justice.

Breaker recently fought LAKnight, and after a big powerslam finisher, Breaker was able to pin Knight clean in the middle of the ring.

Meet Bron Breaker Girlfriend On Instagram

No, Bron Breaker is not available on Instagram, but his girlfriend is. However he is available on

Bron Breaker isn’t on Instagram, unfortunately. He is, however, available on Twitter.

@bronbreakkerwwe is his Twitter handle. In addition, he has 7691 followers on his official Twitter account. He is said to have sent out 397 tweets.

The American wrestler is active on Twitter, but he is not on Instagram.

Sarah Kimbro is his girlfriend at the moment. His girlfriend’s identity, on the other hand, remains a mystery.

He has kept his personal life hidden from the public eye.

How Tall Is Bron Breaker? His Net Worth

With a height of 6 feet, Bron Breaker is a towering figure. Similarly, he weighs 104 kilograms.

His powerful physique has made him a dominant force in American football and, more recently, in wrestling.

Bron’s net worth is estimated to be in the millions of dollars. Wrestling is his source of income.

He recently signed a WWE contract and made his NXT 2.0 debut. Wrestling is his source of income. He was, however, a footballer in the past.