Brittney Shipp
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When it comes to TV personalities, Brittney Shipp is someone who can’t be missed. She worked as a meteorologist for NBC-10 up until recently for which she is most recognized.

Likewise, she is famous as a nominee of Emmy Award as well. In this way, she has had a far-reaching career in television.

However, she did not build this stature all at once. She has worked hard to be in the position she is at now.

And, she has been acquiring experience of broadcast journalism for 10 years now. So, you see that she has worked her way to fame.

Brittney Shipp Height

By now, you guys have an idea of just how great she is. So, it is time to get to know about her personal details. And, one of such details is her height.

After all, it is one of her attributes that makes her stand out. So talking about it, she looks pretty tall. Hence, she might be around 5 feet and 5 inches tall.

But, sadly, there are no records about her height on the internet. As a result, we are unable to let you guys know about it.

Brittney Shipp Husband


If you have seen Brittney Shipp, you know that she is stunningly gorgeous. This might make you guess curious as to know if she has a husband yet.

I would be lying if I say she has a husband. So, there you go.

Brittney Shipp Married

Well, whoever has their hearts set on her, thank your lucky stars because she is not married. In fact, no one knows much about her relationship status whatsoever.

Also, it is not known if she is going to be married any soon in the future.

Brittney Shipp Age

If you have been wondering about Brittney’s age, it is about time you knew. However, there are no records of her date of birth on the internet.

But, according to Marathi TV, she is around 36 years of age. Hence, she may have been born in the year 1983.

Likewise, the video above was posted 4 years ago on her birthday. Hence, her birthday month is October in the 15th.

Moreover, she was born and brought up in Los Angeles, California.

Brittney Shipp Weight Loss

As far as most people know, Brittney’s weight loss has never been that big an issue. After all, she has always looked her best in every television shows she has done.

Until now, she may have gained some weight here and there. But, now, she looks fit and healthy.

Brittney Shipp Wiki

Brittney Shipp is a television journalist and meteorologist as well. She has also been nominated for Emmy Award which is a huge deal.

In the same way, she is from Los Angeles, California. She attended Fairfax High School. After graduating from school, she went to UCLA for her further studies.

Then, she began her career at NBC affiliate KYMA. Similarly, after 2Β  years there, she started working for various other TV networks.

Brittney Shipp Family

She was born into an African-American family. And, the name of her father is Joseph Shipp. However, there is no info about her mother as of yet.

Likewise, she has three brothers in her family. And, their names are Josh, Jerren, and Joe. All of whom are good at basketball.