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Brittani Louise Taylor Net Worth, Married, Husband, Height, age, Kids
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Brittani Louise Taylor is one of the few names in the internet that has been able to gain the name of one of the most subscribed female you tuber.

She was originally am actor but series of events in her life led her to become a successful You Tuber. Taylor is you tube star and also a celebrated author of the book ‘A Sucky Love Story: Overcoming Unhappily Ever After’.

Is Brittani Louise Taylor Married? Details on Her ex-husband- Milos Mihajlovic

The famed you tuber is actually a mother of an adorable little son named Misha. As for her marital status she is currently divorced. She and her ex-husband had a nasty breakup when things really went sour in their love life.

Taylor in an interview said that she was sexually inactive till the age of 31. She then met Milos through a dating a website. As per Taylor’s narration, Milos said that he was from Serbia and is a doctor. But little did she know that, the so-called doctor was actually a fraud who was trying to get money from her.

As time passed, Taylor started to get suspicious about Milos as there was nothing to prove his connection in any med school. Then she wanted to end the relation but it was a little late because she got pregnant with his child. So, they decided t marry and welcomed their son Misha in 2016.

Soon things went really sour in Taylor’s married life as Milos was becoming abusive day after day. And when she couldn’t take it anymore, she filed a case against Milos for a divorce. Taylor also made a demand of sole custody of her son ‘Misha’. She won the case and also got restraining orders against Milos.

After the intense lawsuit, Talyor changed the name of her son to Rex from Misha because the name Misha was chosen by her ex-husband Milos.

Taylor’s Journey from Being an Actress to a You Tube Celebrity      

Since her childhood, Taylor always had a thing for stardom. Even in her school days she used to be in school plays and different programs to experience the limelight.

To pursue her dreams, Taylor dropped out of her college and went to Hollywood. She took some acting classes to and also worked in some movies and got some minor roles in some TV shows too. But it wasn’t exactly what Taylor had wanted for her. So, when she thought it wasn’t working she moved her focus to ‘You Tube’ where she started posting videos of her daily life and interesting events in her life.

She suddenly took a break in her ‘You Tube’ career due to marital problems in her life and all the court drama. But she described all those events in her debut book ‘A Sucky Love Story: Overcoming Unhappily Ever After’.

 Brittani Louise Taylor Net worth- $4.5 Million Dollars

Through her successful career as you tuber and a celebrated author, Taylor has garnered a colossal fortune and her net worth in the market is around $4.5 million dollars. Since she doesn’t work for anybody but for herself she doesn’t have a salary. Although her ‘You Tube’ channel with over 1.25 million subscribers she earns around $40 thousand dollars annually.

Early Life, Education and Ethnicity

The 35 year old star was born on August 24, 1983 in Minnesota to Robert Taylor and Barbara Taylor. She was raised in Arizona alongside her brother Blake Taylor.

Brittani is a graduate of Sedona Red Rock High School. As for her higher education, she dropped out of her college to pursue her dreams of stardom. At the young age of 18 years old, Taylor decided to move to Hollywood.

Taylor is an American citizen belonging from white ethnical background.