How Old Is Brian Shivambu? Everything To Know About Floyd Shivambu Brother

EFF Deputy President Floyd Shivambu brother Brian Shivambu’s current age is 30 years old. Continue below for more info.

Brian Shivambu is the brother of EFF Deputy President Floyd Shivambu.

The South African man was anonymous to the world until he was exposed in the forensic report, “VBS Mutual Bank – The Great Bank Heist”.

Recently, Brian confirmed having received R4.55 m in the VBS loot for no kosher reason.

According to legal authority, he signed a secret contract admitting his involvement in the greatest loot.

Originally from South Africa, the businessman was a managing member at Mabyeni Trading and Projects.

Similarly, he previously worked for Big Brands Media.

Brian Shivambu Age

According to DailyMaverick, Brian Shivambu’s age is currently 30 years old. 

Likewise, the EFF deputy president’s brother was born in the year 1991.

Moreover, Shivambu was born and raised in South Africa.

Shivambu was one of the 50 people involved in the VBS Mutual Bank Heist released by South African Reserve Bank at his young adult age.  

Brian Shivambu Wife

Talking about Brian Shivambu’s wife, he seems to be a married man.

According to the legal source, he used a certain sum of money from heist to buy a house for his wife and children.

However, there is no legit information regarding his anonymous wife.

Brian Shivambu Net Worth 

Coming to Brain Shivambu’s net worth, it is estimated to be more than $1million.

According to the report by SARB, Brian was given a staggering R16 million from VBS Mutual Bank. 

As the 30-year-old was involved in the money heist, the amount he received from loot could be his major source of income.

Brian Shivambu Instagram

Brain Shivambu is available on Instagram with 1,807 followers. However, his account is private.

Only limited followers can access his posts on Instagram.

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