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Brandon Sheets Net Worth: Know About His Wife, Age, Height and Kids
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Brandon Sheets is an American real estate agent with a net worth of $400 thousand. Brandon Sheets is a former reality television personality, who is famous for the reality television show ‘Strange Wars’. He was mostly known as ‘Sidebet’ and the son of ‘Gambler’ in the show ‘Strange Wars’.

Quick Info:

  • Birthday: N/A
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Profession: Real estate agent, former TV personality

Brandon Sheets Wife and Family

Brandon Sheets married his fiancée Melissa Jedinak. The couple together is blessed with a baby girl Abbie.

Brandon is the son of a reality TV stars Darrell Sheets. They work together in Darell’s store and through his website. Brandon with Darrell’s Girlfriend Kimberly handle the shipping and storage locker finds across the world.

Quick Info:

  • Parents: Darrell Sheets
  • Wife: Melissa Jedinak (m.2015)
  • Children: Abbie Sheets
  • Marital Status: Married

He earned a GED rather than completing his high school. Just after his GED, in an early age, he had to focus on learning his family auction business. Talking about his family business one he said in an interview; “It’s a tough game to get into, more senior guys will try to run you out of the business if they don’t like you. They’ll trick you into spending all your money on things that just won’t sell.”

Brandon Sheets married his longtime girlfriend Melissa Jedinak, on October 4, 2015. Together they have a daughter named Abbie Sheets. Sheets is quite a private person and doesn’t like to reveal about his personal life. Hence, we don’t have furthermore information about his personal life.

Brandon Sheets Height and Weight

Brandon Sheets has an average kind of height and has a kind of chubby weight.

Brandon with than blonde beard and mustache looks very manly. His selection of attires and sunglasses is awesome. His greyish blonde hair and fair toned skin also add charisma to his up to the marked personality.

Quick Info:

  • Height: N/A
  • Weight: N/A

He is interested in much more than just the auction and thrift store. Sheets is quite keen on traveling and taking pictures.

He loves updating his social media and is seen posting pictures every now and then. Brandon loves meeting new people and also looks forward to venturing into voice-over work.

Brandon Sheets – Storage Wars

Brandon Sheets joined his family business as soon as he completed his GED. He along with his family looks after an auction business which was initiated by his father Darrell Sheets. Currently, he works as a real estate agent.

Along with Darrell, he spent $3600 on a locker which later, ended up with containing a huge $300000 worth collection of ‘Frank Guttierez art’. The collection ultimately became the largest finding in the history of the reality show.

He appeared in the ‘Strange Wars’ from season 1 up to 9 and left the show.  He was referred as ‘Sidebet’ as he accompanied his father for the bet. After gaining some experience Brandon made his own bet against his father for the same unit.

Finally, after completing the ninth season, he quit the show due to budget cuts. Currently, he resides in Arizona with his family and works as a real estate agent.

Brandon Sheets Net Worth and Salary

Brandon Sheets estimated net worth is $400,000. However, his salary is still unknown.

He has been able to accumulate a good amount of riches through his family business. He alongside with his father Darrell Sheets has worked hard to achieve the position they are in today.

The sheets family work together and are sticking as one. Their dedication has helped them achieve their million dollars fortune. Not only his family business, his job has also helped him add some coinage in his net worth.

Quick Info:

  • Net Worth: $400k
  • Salary: N/A

Brandon Sheets actively uses his Twitter and Instagram account. He has more 61k followers on his Twitter alone. As a courtesy, he follows back to the fans that follow him on his Instagram page.