Who Are Brady Tkachuk Parents? Everything About The Family Of The Professional Ice Hockey Player

Who Are Brady Tkachuk Parents? Everything About The Family Of The Professional Ice Hockey Player

Brady Tkachuk recently signed a massive contract that will bring his net worth up to a multi-million dollars. Find out how will the player be spending his money as his age is still young and about his girlfriend below

Brady Tkachuk is an American ice hockey player known as the left-wing in Ottawa Senators.

He is also renowned for his father, Keith Tkachuk who is one of the greatest NHL players in US history.

Brady was offered an 8-year contract with the senators for $64 million. His previous contract will be ending soon. So, the Senators are desperate to get the gifted players for as long as they can.

Brady Tkachak Parents

Brady Tkachuk is well-known due to his celebrated parents Keith, his father and Chantal Oster, his mother.

His parents married on 28th February 1997. They are still married after 24 years of marriage. 5 months from now and his parents will be celebrating their silver jubilee anniversary.

Keith is one of the top 5 American-born players ever to score 500 goals. Tkachuk’s grandmother is from Ireland and for their Soviet family name, they still do not know the exact ascendant and Keith guessed one of their grandparents were from Ukrania, Russia, or Polish.

The athletic parents also have another son Matthew, who also plays NHL football. The brothers also have a sister, Taryn Tkachuk. Their mother is Canadian originally from Winnipeg.

From left to right: Brady Tkachuk, Chanta (mother), Taryn (sister), Keith(father), and Matthew(brother).

Brady Tkachuk Age And Net Worth

Brady Tkachuk is 21 years old, which many people say he was too young for professional football.

Tkachuk started playing professional football initially from the age of 19. As many people are still in high school at that age, they found him too young to go pro.

Although prior to getting into NHL, he played NCAA hockey for two years at Boston University. In 2018, he got drafted by the NHL with a salary of $925,000. With bonuses, his salary reached up to $3,425,000 as per Puckpedia.

So, calculating the salary for three seasons, his net worth calculates up to  $9 million. If he takes the offer the Ottawa Senators are giving, he will be one of the richest athletes in their 20s with a net worth of $70 million+.

Brady Tkachuk Girlfriend

Emma is the name of the girlfriend of Brady Tkachuk.

Surprisingly, she maintains no social media outlets.

However, we can still find occasional pictures of the couple on Brady’s Instagram.