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Boris Johnson born on June 19, 1964 at New York City is a British politician. He belongs to Conservative Party. At present he is serving as Mayor of London since 2011.  He was born to Charlotte Johnson Wahl and her husband Stanley Johnson. His parents have had a long history with politics, so it was no wonder that he followed the footsteps of his family. Johnson attended European School in Brussels and later completed his graduation from Balliol College. It is reported that he was rather shy and quiet during his younger years.

He married his ex wife Allegra Mostyn-Owen in 1987. The pair met during their college time. They were in much love and soon planned to marry. Unfortunately, their union lasted only for six years. Allegra made an honest confession that their relationship started having trouble after he was posted to Brussels with the telegraph. They filed for divorce in 1993. Johnson started having affair with his present wife while he was still married to Allegra. After his divorce, he married his beloved sweet heart, Marina Wheeler. They first met while Johnson was in his school days. They have known each other for many years. The couples are the proud parents of four children; Lara Lettice, Cassia Peaches, Milo Arthur and Theodore Apollo. The pair has been married for twenty years now and are happy together. He is a caring and loving family man.

Boris Johnson is probably one of the most admired politicians of recent times. Most of the people address him as Boris only. He is known for his unruly hairstyle. The man with extreme ambition and a charismatic persona, he favors the gay marriages. And further adds that he doesn’t understand the political parties who oppose the same sex union. He requests that the government needs to move with time.

During the 2012’s Olympics, Boris got stuck on zip line in Victoria Park. He was featured there as the “special guest”. The leader was seen waving his country’s flag while comically hanging there in the air. He remained in that position for almost five minutes before he was rescued.

Boris Johnson is also an author. He has interest with writing. His recent creation is “Johnson’s Life of London”. He has written several other books. “Seventy two virgins”, “The dream of Rome”, “Life in the fast lane; the Johnson’s guide to cars” are few of the name of his collection.

Like many other politician, Boris is also on the twitter. But he has not updated any of his tweets. But his speeches and other activities related to him is available on the politics live blog.