Boet Troskie Wikipedia: Everything To Know About Film Producer

Boet Troskie Wikipedia: Everything To Know About Film Producer

Film producer Boet Troskie is yet to be officially featured on Wikipedia despite his success, and he is the younger brother of Bill Troskie.

Boet Troskie is a South African film produce and businessman.

He is best known for the movie, The Gods Must Be Crazy, which he produced in 1980.

Boet is one of the founders of the Mimosa Films.

Boet Troskie Wikipedia And Instagram

Boet Troskie’s Wikipedia has not been featured yet.

He is a South Africa-based film producer and businessman.

He established Mimosa Films in 1964 along with his brother, Bill Troskie and Al Debbo, a legendary comedian.

After establishing Mimosa Films, he debuted in 1967 as the supervising producer for the title, The Professor And The Beauty Queen.

Following his successful debut, he went on to partner with the writer and director Jamie Uys.

Between 1969 and 1973, he produced many award-winning films such as Dirkie.

Then in 1974, he produced a highly successful documentary, Beautiful People, with Jamie.

From 1975 to 1980, he worked with South Africa’s most successful individuals.

Finally, in 1980, as executive producer, he released South Africa’s most successful feature film to date, the cult classic, The Gods Must be Crazy.

After that, he went on to produce six more films from 1981 to 1989.

Although he hasn’t produced any movies, he plays an integral part as the chairman of the Mimosa Film group.

Boet Troskie does not have an official Instagram account.

Boet Troskie Age- How Old Is He?

Boet Troskie’s age seems to be 75-85 years old.

He was born on November 2 in Bloemfontein, South Africa.

What Is Boet Troskie Net Worth?

Boet Troskie is yet to disclose any official information regarding his net worth.

However, his ex-wife blew 4 million rands in 5 years of their marriage.

According to News24, in 2020, his three properties were set to be auctioned off.

Boet Troskie Wife And Family

Boet Troskie was married to his then-wife, Tereza Troskie, former miss South Africa.

However, Boet seems to be single.

The couple had a child, James, together.

In his family, he had a big brother, Bill Troskie, a film producer but unfortunately died at the age of 82.