Biodata: Who Is Desiree Tarigan? Everything To Know About Bambang Reguna Bukit’s Mother

Biodata: Who Is Desiree Tarigan? Everything To Know About Bambang Reguna Bukit’s Mother

Biodata about Desiree Tarigan is not featured on Wikipedia yet. Let us know about the mother of Bambang Reguna Bukit. Please read the article till the end to know about her.

Desiree Tarigan is an Indonesian public figure whose Biodata has been searched for terms recently.

She is the most demanded celebrity relative in Indonesia due to her youthful appearance.

Name Desiree Tarigan
Birthday November 2, 1961
Age 59
Gender Female
Nationality Indonesian
Profession Celebrity Relative
Husband Johan Begin Bukit and Hotma Sitompul
Children Bambang Reguna Bukit and Prianka Reguna Bukit
Divorce Yes
Instagram @mamitoko

Who is Desiree Tarigan?

Desiree Tarigan is known as the mother of Indonesian singer Bambang Reguna Bukit.

Desiree Tarigan has been married and divorced with two husbands as of 2021.

Celebrity mother was married to her husband, Johan Begin Bukit. The couple gave birth to two children named Bams and daughter Prianka.

They are also the grandparents to two children from both Bams and Prianka. Desiree and Johan got divorced after few years of Bam’s birth. Desiree Later married Hotma Sitompul. He is one of the famous lawyers of Indonesia.

In February 2021, Desiree, with her two children, told the media that Hotma was blackmailing and not supportive of the family, which led to their separation.

Age of Bam’s Mother, Desiree Tarigan

Bambang Reguna Bukit’s mother age is 59 years.

She was born in 1961. Desiree Tarigan celebrates her birthday on November 2. Even at the age of 59, she looks very young and beautiful.

Desiree Tarigan Wikipedia

Desiree Tarigan has not been featured on Wikipedia yet.

Various Indonesian entertainment news outlets also cover her due to her relationship with her son Bambang Reguna Bukit.

She is very famous because she is beautiful in her old age and she has her singer son Bambang Reguna Bukit.

Desiree Tarigan Instagram

Desiree Tarigan has an Instagram account with 384k followers

You can follow her with the user name “mamitoko.” She has only posted 2178 posts on her Instagram account as of March 29, 2021.

Desiree Tarigan usually features products on her Instagram and does business by advertising.