Who Is Terrell Owens Son Atlin Owens? Everything To Know About Terrell Owens Son

Who Is Terrell Owens Son Atlin Owens? Everything To Know About Terrell Owens Son

Atlin Owens is the youngest child of the famous controversial football star Terrell Ownes. Know more about Atlin. 

Atlin Owens is the fourth son of Terrell Owens. 

Terrell Owens is one of the most prominent players of his time who has played over 16 NFL games. 

The 47 years old star football raked third in the career, receiving yards at 15,934.

But now, it seems that he is facing the hard times from his former wife and children. 

Who Is Terrell Owens Son Atlin Owens?

Atlin Owens is the youngest son of Terrell Owens and his wife, Samelia Miller. 

Terrell has over 4 children from different wives over the course of time. He was married 2 times, but none of them lasted much. 

His ex-wife Rachel Snider filed for divorce with Terrell just after the 2 weeks of marriage.

But the divorce took the settlement time of almost a year.

Atlin Owens Age: How Old Is He?

Atlin Owens is around 10-15 years old. 

From his mother’s Instagram account, it is found that he was born on the 20th of October. But his birth year is not yet revealed. 

Atlin’s is just a child who is now nowhere to be seen in the media.

Also, his real credentials about his birthday are missing and are nowhere to be found on online media. 

Who Is Atlin Owens Mother? 

Atlin Owens’s mother’s name is Samelia Miller.

She is one of the top celebrity makeup artists in Los Angeles.

She is the mother of Terrell’s youngest child, and both of them were in a relationship long ago. 

But there is no official information on their marriage; it seems that they were both in a living relationship. Just like Terrell was with other of his girlfriends. 

Samelia has her website to tell a lot about her activities and creativity. 

Atlin Owens Girlfriend And Instagram

Atlin Owens doesn’t have a girlfriend now, as he might be too young to have one. 

But he is not too young to have a crush. Yet, there is no information about Atlin’s love life as of now.

He is nowhere to be found on Instagram. He might not be within the age limit to use Instagram.

Instagram requires at least 13 years of age to use its platform.

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